More vets’ care sought

Where is the local support for Veterans’ medical care in the Altoona area?

It is not enough to have parades, send cards and snacks overseas, and voice honor for those that serve our country and protect our families.

Local veterans are now traveling to Pittsburgh from the Altoona Veteran’s Hospital for medical tests and procedures that could be performed in the Altoona area.

The added stress of traveling to and from Altoona to Pittsburgh in a van is not fair and causes undue pressure for our local veterans.

Whose voice will be loud and clear and speak to honor those who diligently served our country through difficult wars? It is not showing respect to ignore the needs of soldiers that return to our local towns and are forced to seek help out of town on a daily basis.

I put out a call to local representatives and businesses to have the courage to honor our veterans by making sure that they can receive appropriate medical care closer to home and avoid excessive time and travel to seek needed care.

Shirley (Maher) Nearhoof