Mankind has changed, for worse

I challenge the sincerity of most politicians. I doubt that we are going to get an honest answer from almost anyone.

The gun control issue is a misguided, ill-conceived overreaction brought on by a bunch of politicians who are in a hurry to act like they are doing something – anything – so that when the next attack comes, they can say they did everything in their power to stop it.

In reality, all they’re doing is getting in the way of people who are really defending the rights of people in this country.

On Sept. 11, 2001, 3,000 people were killed in one morning, and no one lost his/her job. People should have lost their jobs – people in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, National Security Council, White House, Capitol Hill, across the board.

The entire cover-your-butt culture of these agencies and their politically correct cronies needs to be turned on its ear.

What we the people should fear most are the politicians on Capitol Hill who eagerly await any chance to take the stage and act out another drama. They are the real enemy – the enemy from within.

Kill 3,400 babies a day and not a word from politicians. Where is the outrage from our politicians on this atrocity?

They would rather give morning-after pills to 13-year-old girls and dispense them in schools and over the counter in stores. My, how mankind has changed in one century.

We are trapped in the hidden, dirty, and convoluted machinations of governmental interests and power.

David L. Gallagher