Legalize marijuana

In Friday’s paper (Feb. 15), the front-page story on “pot” quoted a top state official that is stunning.

Tony Sassano stated that he talked with “hundreds of heroin addicts who started on marijuana.”

Did he stop to consider the millions of pot users who didn’t become heroin users?

For over 40 years, the legal system has spent many billions of dollars per year investigating, trying, and incarcerating people who grow pot or sell it or use it.

The cost per inmate per year is said to be about $40,000.

It is long past time that our country should decriminalize marijuana, regulate it closely as has been done with the world class killer, tobacco.

Alcohol, too, has been responsible for the deaths of thousands and destroying the lives of countless people.

The tax revenue from decriminalizing the product would go far in educating our children.

Bill Walker