Kagarise best choice

Attorney Wade Kagarise is the best candidate to fill the open judicial seat in Blair County.

Kagarise’s integrity, commitment, broad experience and conservative perspective make him the best choice.

As a chief deputy district attorney, Kagarise has tried a gamut of cases ranging from assault to death penalty cases. As the mother of a crime victim, I watched him litigate an aggravated assault case. Kagarise’s thoroughness in investigating the facts and his commitment to serve justice permeated his efforts from beginning to end. He remained diligent throughout the process.

As a special deputy attorney general, he put career drug dealers behind bars. Not only is he the most experienced among the candidates in arguing criminal cases, he also has the broadest legal experience. As a private attorney, Kagarise has handled domestic, municipal and civil cases.

Prosecutor, advocate, teacher, veteran:?This May, vote for Kagarise for judge.

Nancy E. Head,