In support of Kagarise

We were pleased to read about attorney Wade Kagarise’s candidacy for Blair County judge.

Prior to moving to Florida, we hired Kagarise to represent us in a difficult custody case. With his representation, the goals we set were achieved.

What made his representation more impressive was that our case was litigated in Montgomery County. Though his experience is more prominent in Blair County, one would have thought he would have struggled. This was not the case.

He handled the challenge with professionalism that made one think he had practiced in Montgomery County throughout his career.

He was comfortable in the courtroom and able to adapt to any environment, which is a significant benefit to his clients. The residents of Blair County would be well served to elect him judge.

Without reservation, we recommend Wade Kagarise for Blair County judge.

Craig and Nicole (Daniels) Sproul

Flagler Beach, Fla.