Honesty appreciated

On a recent Saturday earlier this month, when it was so windy, I spent the day shopping.

At my last stop, I parked at the far end of the lot, as I always do, and when I got out of my car I made an adjustment to my seat.

Over one hour later, I left the store, headed to my car and noticed my trunk lid open as wide as it could go. It was then that I realized I must have pulled the trunk latch, and with the wind as it was, it opened the trunk fully.

There was the trunk as I had left it, fully loaded with my parcels. Surely, in all that time I was away from my car, at least 100 people spotted the white car with the trunk lid wide open and yet not a thing was disturbed.

I am truly appreciative and pray special blessings upon all Altoona area shoppers.

Gloria Bille-Dugan