Guns needed in schools

Progressives/Democrats will try to say that gun bans are needed because guns are not safe. Crazy people like your neighbor need to be controlled but not you.

This lie is the basis of anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment hating people. The Second Amendment protects individuality, personal property, raising a family, private business and our right to defend those things with guns.

These liars hate our country, the Constitution, freedom, responsibility and your right to choose. If you do not like guns, how will you defend your rights? What is your plan? This is not a plan for peace or safety, but for ever-expanding government and the destruction of your personal life.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation. I hope you are, too. I do not just believe in my rights; I believe in others’ rights also. Teachers, students and citizens with conceal carry permits should be allowed to carry at schools. Schools should not be gun-free zones. The NRA has good training programs for gun owners.

This adds no money to the budget and encourages responsible behavior. All citizens in good standing should have a conceal carry permit, not just those who can demonstrate life or death need. Please respect the separation of powers. The opinions of federal and state are interesting, but the ultimate decision for schools is local.

The semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun was invented in 1898. The state Game Commission now says they are not safe for big-game hunting. This should be changed back.

The government wants us to forget what we know and believe what officials tells us.

Semi-automatic rifles are effective hunting weapons as well as effective home defense. If police, security personnel and citizens could use service pistols to hunt, the practice would help their shooting skills.

Robert Stone II