Freedom isn’t free: Protect our gun rights

Federal and some state government officials – including President Obama, Senator Feinstein and Gov. Cuomo – have decided to use the Sandy Hook tragedy as an excuse to attack and eviscerate the Second Amendment (i.e. expressing opinions such as: military type weapons do not belong in the hands of the citizens, or at 10 round magazines are not needed for hunting.)

I have yet to hear any news reporter challenge these leaders as to their misleading statements (Bob Schieffer, of CBS News, even went so far as to liken Obama’s confrontation with the NRA as being similar as our Nation’s fight against Nazism.)

My opinion as to the meaning/intent of the Second Amendment:

The founding fathers did not view hunting, sport shooting, or even protection against violent criminal activity to be so important as to make them sacrosanct in an Amendment (Bill of Rights).

The Second Amendment as written was meant to give the individual citizen, and their local communities the teeth to protect their First Amendment rights against a Tyrannical Government (the term “teeth” was supposedly used by one or more of the Founding Fathers.)

In order to achieve this goal, citizens should be armed with at least basic military side and long arms, should keep them within their homes, and should have them accessible in a moment’s notice, in order to keep tyranny at bay.

Our schools used to teach the virtues of the Revolutionary War’s Minutemen; armed citizens rushing from their homes to confront their government’s soldiers in America’s fields and streets.

Summation of opinion:

Semi-automatic weapons, such as Baretta M-9 handguns and AR-15 rifles, and their standard 15-30 round magazines, should be accessible to citizens of good standing (a “citizen of good standing” is defined as someone who is qualified to vote in the National and Local Elections).


President Obama, with the near full support of the mainstream media, has announced a “campaign-style action” to fight groups, such as the National Rifle Association, with the intent of gutting the Second Amendment.

Full support to the NRA, and related Civil Rights organizations (the Second Amendment is a civil right), financial and personal involvement, over the next three months, is something that all citizens who love freedom should undertake during this time of crisis. Contacting our elected representatives, and local and national media, are further actions which should be taken.

Freedom isn’t free. A philosopher once wrote, “Apathy and tolerance are the last virtues of a dying society.”

A founding father is quoted as saying, “Sacrificing Freedom for Security will eventually result in neither.”

Americans must stay vigilant.

Greg Sheehan