Enough is enough

Gun-rights advocates insisting their weapons are harmless probably never witnessed a drive-by shooting, had friends killed by stupid gun mistakes, consoled escapees from a restaurant overtaken by gunmen shooting up the place, been directly shot at by a “law-abiding” hunter, or lost friends to gun suicides as I have.

While continually ignoring senseless killings, they obviously haven’t got a clue what gun violence actually is.

Clearly, it is safer to kill someone several feet away with a gun than at closer contact with something else. People kill people using guns, but they’re unable to reason that. Guns are specifically created to kill and aren’t toys.

Tolerance for the NRA’s gun imposition upon society has reached its limit with the continuing murders, as well as the paranoia and deception they’ve been undertaking.

NRA President David Keene, recently stated they’ve long advocated only mentally and potentially violent people be denied access to guns.

Yet in the journal of the AMA, 16 years ago the NRA managed to get Congress to remove funding on gun violence studies at the CDC, and two years ago, sneaked a provision into the Affordable Care Act to prevent doctors from collecting information on their clients’ gun use.

No wonder more than 900 more shootings occurred since Newtown, yet the NRA vows to fight any measure limiting ammunition and gun access.

All of that together signals the NRA will do nothing to curb the 70 percent violent death rate that involves guns, virtually putting their stamp of approval on every gun murder, mass slaughter and gun suicide.

How bizarre for women and mothers to allow their men to support that insanity.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to get tough. Lastly, irresponsible junk mailed to my box number without a return address will be discarded unopened.

Dave McKolanis, Falls Creek