Don’t forget soccer

I have been a soccer mom for many years and volunteered on one of the original AYSO boards.

My sons had many enjoyable years playing AYSO soccer as well as junior and senior high school soccer in the 1980s and 1990s.

I remember when a very dedicated group of volunteer parents from every walk of life rallied together to provide playing fields for our youth.

This effort was led by the likes of Judy Roberts and the excavators, Denise and Reed Nale.

Hard-working volunteers put their blood, sweat, tears and money into the hillside adjacent to the Valley View Home turning it into a viable, beautiful soccer field. This field has been used by Blair County young people for 22 years.

I was under the impression that this recreational field is part of the county park. With the exception of Commissioner Ted Beam, who supports the Blair County soccer families, I say shame on the Blair County commissioners who intend to sell the soccer site as part of the Valley View Nursing Home sale and leave AYSO homeless.

Youth recreation is an integral part of a vibrant community and this eight-acre site is a prime example of that fact.

If the home is sold, which I am not in favor of, do the commissioners have a solution for replacing the soccer field?

Janet Ianuzzi