Don’t disarm country

I am asking my political leaders to have some common sense. Please do not try to disarm this country.

This whole surge in violence centering around those mass killing started when Ronald Reagan closed mental health treatment facilities and forced those with issues into unfit group home.

These homes lack needed funding, skilled staff and a listening ear.

Legal, law-bidding gun owners are not the problem. I was raised around firearms all of my life and so have my sons. They are skilled but respect what the person behind the trigger can do.

I am devastated every time the mass murder of the innocent occurs for I am a mother of two and cannot imagine what family members go through.

It is not the gun. It is how the person pulling the trigger values life. These killers had/have no respect for human life, and we must find why and how do we fix it.

This nation has swept the issues of behavior/mental heath treatment under the rug for too long. Now the rug is too lumpy, and it needs a through cleaning. We cannot keep putting the responsibilities of the nation on the backs of law- abiding citizens.

Our politicians have to look at themselves in the mirror and accept the blame for the mess that we are in.

We would rather disarm our nation instead of spending money to solve the issues at hand.

And the biggest drawback will be: Who will make the most money?

Bonnie Zeak, Altoona