Current system failing

We the people are supposed to make concessions during this economic downfall and, as our president said in his last inaugural speech, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.

Well now:?We have tried.

We are paying more for everything we buy than ever before. Maybe we aren’t smiling, but we are doing it. And some of our fellow Americans are paying even more in other ways. They are in the military defending this great nation and others have lost jobs due to cutbacks that companies have to make or because companies have shipped their jobs overseas.

Yes, they are trying to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and trying to start all over again.

We read or hear that our president was saying if we go over the cliff, our military will not get paid.

What in the world happened between our dire fiscal situation and having an Inauguration Ball?

Three former presidents (Franklin Pierce, Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding) canceled their Inauguration Balls, but our present president didn’t do the same to avoid spending unjustified money.

It is time for our president to put on his big-boy pants and do what he was inaugurated to do – set a precedent for our country. He wants sacrifices made? Then let us start with the White House, the Congress and, yes, the Senate.

Instead of our military sacrificing not only their lives but their livelihoods, let those who portend a growth in our economics make the necessary sacrifices to let it happen.

Schools are being closed, prisons likewise, programs that offer a future for our youth are being cut and with those cuts are jobs being lost due to those very cutbacks.

How can we as a nation continue to let this happen? Let us stand up for what we believe in. Let us demand that God be put back in our schools, our pledge and our nation.

That is what this great nation was founded on – in God we trust.

Sherry Luke