Corbett hurting seniors

All of us seniors need to really think about what Gov. Tom Corbett wants to take away from us.

If we let the Pennsylvania Lottery be sold to Great Britain because of Gov. Corbett’s selfish, uncaring attitude for the elderly, or anyone else who uses public transportation, how are we going to get to doctor appointments, grocery stores, etc.?

We cannot allow him to take away our bus transportation, our Senior Service vans, and even our rent rebates that so many seniors depend on.

Now Gov. Corbett wants to raise gas taxes after he pledged not to. What kind of selfish governor do we have in office?

We need to do whatever we can: Write letters, sign petitions, whatever it takes to stop the PA Lottery from being sold and privatized, to show Gov. Corbett that he will not take these necessary programs and services away from us.

Connie Grenz