Convention Center an asset for region

I was in Altoona for an event at the Blair County Convention Center last week, and decided, as we usually do, to make a day of it.

We shopped, ate several meals and read the Altoona Mirror while we were in town.

I was very surprised when I read your editorial concerning the Blair County Convention Center. I am a resident of State College, but I have found myself heading to Altoona several times recently to take advantage of the offerings at the BCC.

In particular, I attended the fantastic dinosaur event and the hot tub extravaganza.

I found it incredibly ironic that you mentioned at the end of your editorial that the Convention Center needed to spend more time offering things to the community, when the next page of your paper had a huge advertisement for the hot tub extravaganza being held at the BCC.

I’m guessing that those ads in your paper weren’t free. I’m also pretty sure that the thousands of dollars spent by the visitors to the BCC who purchased hot tubs and experienced dinosaur sightings the week before and the accompanying meals they had in surrounding restaurants were welcomed happily by the various vendors and members of your community.

And while I plan to come back to Altoona with my son to see Tim Tebow, and with my friends and daughters for the wine tasting, I’ll still be wondering why you don’t feel that the BCC provides for your community.

They’re certainly providing entertainment for many of us in my community in State College.

Debbie Marsh

State College