Andrews most qualified

Our next Blair County judge must possess integrity, expertise in all areas of the law and a proven record of community service.

With qualifications in these areas, Dave Andrews is the candidate best qualified to serve as our next Blair County judge.

Andrews manages a successful law practice and represents 100 school districts across our state.

He served as assistant district attorney of Blair County from 1977-79, and his success rate as a court-appointed mediator for the Blair County Court of Common Pleas is 90 percent.

Andrews has served as a volunteer leader for numerous community organizations.

His experience was evident throughout my tenure as president of Allegheny Ballet Company. He has been ABC’s solicitor for many years, always representing the company fairly and with the highest level of integrity.

Andrews is qualified to serve our interests as the next judge of Blair County. Join me voting for him in the primary election.

Louisa Lobre-Riley