What abortion costs

Take a moment to think about the millions of babies that have been aborted for one reason or another and consider what might have become of these people had they been allowed to be born and live their lives.

What great scientific mind might have been eliminated by abortion? Was it the intellect that would have discovered a process to render fossil fuels more efficient or allow them to be just as clean as green energy resources?

Was it the researcher destined to make a major breakthrough in finding a cure for some form of cancer? Or maybe the person destined to find a solution for that chronic medical problem that has been bothering you for years.

Could one of these aborted souls have grown up to be a great political leader who would have introduced ideas that would have helped inspire and unite the people of the world instead of dividing and polarizing them?

More than 2,000 years ago, King Herod heard about a coming Messiah and tried to find where this child was to be born. Had he been able to find out, he most likely would have demanded a late stage abortion or infanticide.

Would the world be better or worse off today had Jesus been prevented from living His life?

August Gatto, Ebensburg