Stop tax-free pensions

Pensions are a serious problem. But the tax-free pensions are the most serious problem.

About 10 years ago, a New York newspaper carried a story that a New York fire chief retired on a tax-free pension of about $105,000.

His line of duty injury was deafness from responding to fires in a chauffeured auto with a siren activated. His pension enables him to live in the style of a millionaire. His is not an isolated case. The numbers of civil service retirees on tax-free pensions is unknown.

Uniformed civil servants in New York have been awarded by the city a disability tax-free pension under the Heart Bill. This is given to desk jockeys as well as ladder climbers and those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The only ones who should be entitled to a tax-free ride is wounded war veterans – no one else.

John K. Coyle