Respecting authorities

In regard to Altoona City Council and the Blair County commissioners, I have been blessed to have followed the community involvement of each of these members and have personally met and had discussions with each of these members.

I am disappointed with so many of the comments demeaning the actions of those bodies in relation to the city’s action going into Act 47 status and the county’s consideration of selling Valley View Home.

I have had opportunities to express opposition on various issues with each of these members over the years. Consequently, I have agreed with them more than not.

My solid assessment of each member with both boards is one of appreciation. None has given me any reason to not believe that they have the best interest of their constituency in mind. I emphasize this especially when we may disagree.

In spite of the comments demeaning council persons for their action, there may have been alternative aspects but the fiscal circumstances required that action.

The real issue revolves around their intent to systematically and logically identify the contributing factors bringing about the problems.

Then, they must develop a prioritized plan to address those problems to prevent recurrence of their situation.

The county is not able to continue operating any department that costs more to operate than the revenues available. But there are provisions they are currently providing, which they must address regardless.

Realize that the quality, quantity and means may be drastically different.

The private issues affected must also be addressed, but not necessarily by the board and likely by the private sector.

Jan Mills Sr.