Preserve soccer fields

It obvious the Blair County Commissioners have dismissed the concerns of the people who elected them in reference to the sale of the Valley View Nursing Home and the adjacent soccer fields.

The situation boils down to two separate issues involving hundreds of county residents. The potential sale of the nursing home should not involve the adjacent soccer complex that is 22 years old, has accommodated thousands of area young people through a successful volunteer organization that has proven its worth in the youth soccer world and has cost the county nothing.

As a member of the original Blair County Park and Recreation Board and the park director, it was truly a pleasure to see the county park and the soccer fields evolve and serve our residents, both young and old, for over 20 years.

Since the commissioners admit there is no financial gain, only the potential avoidance of future burdens with the nursing home sale, it’s obvious they are willing to sacrifice the soccer complex as the prize to potential buyers.

It’s really scary and alarming that a shortsighted, politically motivated board of three public servants can destroy a successful youth recreational area in a time when focusing on motivating our young people is front and center as a national health concern.

Don’t let this board of commissioners accomplish their self-serving goals by counting on your lack of interest and involvement and allow them to fast track this project over the holidays while no one is paying attention.

The soccer complex was truly a once in a lifetime accomplishment when it came to be with a total public and private effort and will never happen again since it’s not financially feasible.

You can make a difference by voicing your opinion, by calling or writing your county commissioners and letting them know how you feel.

It should make you sick to think by ignoring this issue we will allow the destruction of the Valley View site for future generations.

It’s not too late to take the soccer fields off the chopping block.

Since my soccer player is 35 years old, I hope it’s obvious my personal agenda and yours should be the same.

Pay attention, Blair County – and make your elected officials work for you and yours.

Judy Roberts