More rules not solution

If guns are to be outlawed because of the hostile shooting in Connecticut, why was there not a ban on jets and airplanes after the 9/11 attacks?

Why were there not bans on vehicles when so many are killed by renegade vehicles with drunks behind the wheel?

Why were explosives not banned when people were blowing up buildings for their own self-righteous causes?

And after 50 million barbarian murders of unborn or partially born babies, why aren’t scalpels and forceps and whatever deadly tools used by abortion doctors banned so this violent practice is eliminated?

Abortion was legalized to avoid back-alley abortions with coat hangers and crude instruments. Instead of killing a million a year, why not ban coat hangers?

May we begin to understand that it is not the instrument that kills but the ruthless heart of the conscience-seared killer that needs to be changed. And God is the only one who can bring effective permanent change to hardened hearts.

If liberal women claim, “No one should decide what happens to my body but me,” why aren’t we crying, “No one decides what I do with my money, my guns, my house, my Bible, my children,” etc., each time government imposes its regulations upon us? This is now extends to my company and my insurance.

And if we can’t use the word “Christmas,” can I ban “Happy” from a New Year blessing if I think we should be somber as part of my religion or because I don’t believe in happiness myself?

Think about it.

Dean Hinton