Minds made up

As for the sale of Valley View Nursing Home, I personally have not read one letter to the editor, seen one petition or heard of one Town Hall meeting in favor of selling the home.

It seems to me the majority of residents of Blair County do not want to see the home or the soccer field behind it sold.

Yet the Blair County Commissioners Office hasn’t put it on a back burner, maybe revisiting it in a year or two. They are still full steam ahead. After first telling us that it could be a financial liability in the future, they have now said they’re losing $1.1 million a year on the home.

Isn’t that convenient? Which is the truth?

It looks to me like they had their minds made up long before they went public. It sounds like with their over inflated egos and pompous attitudes, they’re telling us (with the exception of Ted Beam) they’ll do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Maybe they’ve been in office too long.

Let’s address the other elephant in the room. Why are the commissioners in such a hurry to their your hands on that $11 million (appraised value of the home)? They’ve said it’s not a profit to the county.

Is it to fill a hole dug elsewhere in the budget? Are there any special interests (personal) in the eventual building of the retirement home behind it on the kids soccer field?

I can’t see how $11 million isn’t a profit. If they sell, come re-election time, I hope everyone remembers Valley View.

Jeffrey A. Benz


(Editor’s note: Valley View Home has an average annual operating loss of $1,103,385 from 2005 through 2011 after factoring in the home’s unpaid annual retirement contribution, according to Blair County Commissioner Terry Tomassetti.)