Leave business alone

Good for Hobby Lobby for sticking to its beliefs. This is a good, decent, religious company that is only doing what its owners believe in.

It is not like they are denying their employees hospitalization. Hobby Lobby is being sued for not offering to pay for the morning-after pill.

It is risking potential fines of up to $1.3 million a day. Outrageous.

How many of us have hospitalization that doesn’t cover everything?

If employees want the morning-after pill, let them buy it themselves. How expensive could that be?

Not only that, I would be willing to bet that it isn’t even the employees who are complaining about this.

I know this is a good company that is wonderful to deal with and I am sure it is wonderful to work for. Its only crime is doing what the owners feel in their hearts is right.

With all the insanity going on in this world, concentrate on that and leave these good people alone.

I admire them so much for sticking to their beliefs . I hope they get a really good lawyer before they are forced to do otherwise and maybe lose their business.

Rita Luciano