Efficiency impressive

Earlier this week, I was driving in the area of the Altoona Area Senior and Junior High Schools at dismissal time.

With no way to avoid the dreaded delay, I had time to observe the process and would like to commend the crossing guards and students for their efficient and orderly passage to the buses.

According to the AASD website, the school district has 4,150 bus students. While not all of those students attend classes in the junior and senior high schools, you can imagine the number of people moving in that area at one time.

The crossing guards vigilantly monitored traffic flow and pedestrian movement to ensure student safety.

The students were aware of procedures to move quickly to their respective locations and were courteous with the crossing guards and motorists.

The smooth flow of traffic and people demonstrated the teamwork of district staff and students to maintain safety on the busy downtown campus.

Great job, everyone.

Jayne E. Parrish