Don’t sell Valley View

The Blair County commissioners, led by Commissioner Terry Tomassetti, are showing no leadership in the job they were elected to do.

The proposed sale of Valley View Home is sinful.

They would dispose of a well-run facility staffed by loyal, competent employees who do an excellent job.

We need jobs in Blair County, and we need nursing facilities like Valley View. How sad it is to see in the daily paper about shelters closing and people living in so-called nursing homes dying with malnutrition, bed sores and utter neglect.

Money should not be a factor. There must be an abundance of money here when Logan Township can contract to put miles of sewer lines in through vacant properties and barren lands but before a pipe is put in, they already tell us the rates are going up $8.00 per month.

Then we have Penn State University ready to make the first of the payments toward the sum of $60 million to the NCAA for a fine they shouldn’t owe. This should have gone to the courts and it never would have lasted. It is an excessive expense for the whims of the NCAA, but instead of taking the case to court, we are paying it.

This is a state university and we, the taxpayers, are liable.

Valley View is an asset to the county that cannot be replaced.

Tomassetti would sell it to the old-time carpetbaggers who would come in and destroy a great home and good jobs.

We can support Valley View with programs that will get help like the Salvation Army, United Way, Red Cross and others. Why not a Valley View Day at Lakemont Park?

Tomassetti and his two fellow commissioners need to get their act together and work for the people.

Before Valley View could be sold, it should be put on a ballot and the people should have a chance to vote on it.

Joe Weidemer, Altoona