Denounce violence

The concern is about the availability of fully automatic assault weapons.

I was asked to contact Congressman Shuster (Cresson Borough is now in the 9th Congressional District), and I did with the following:

I spoke with staff in Congressman Shuster’s office. My concerns are based on the climate of expectation perpetuated by the mere availability of automatic assault weapons.

In the United States, supposedly through the lobbying power of the NRA, power through violence is the ruling influence or role model for combating violence.

Violence, as a national power tool and influence, permeates to unstable personalities who may believe their torments will be resolved if they have and use the most powerful weapons available to them.

At the same time, in this country we are expected to believe (pledge) our nation is under God as being synonymous with the non-violent Christ.

I questioned Congressman Shuster’s leadership and (any other politicians) commitment to the NRA opposed to pledging allegiance to our country under the non-violent transforming behaviors believed of Christ and in which we are encouraged to have faith.

In an afterthought which prompted this letter, Congressional Representatives are vulnerable to the public response of their constituents.

Given the understanding religions have privileges and authority for the spiritual leadership of our nation, where is their voice locally?

I am wondering how the religious community as a whole and individual Christian churches are responding to the need to denounce all violence by symbolically advocating renewal of the ban on assault weapons?

Imagine the impressionable impact Christian leaders and congregations could have if they used their power and influence denouncing all violence.

Etta Albright