Continuing gun debate

I’ve noticed the anti-gun, anti-freedom people on TV always mention that we the public cannot be trusted with “military type weapons.”

Anytime there’s a mass shooting, they go right to gun control and demand these weapons be removed from sale and even possession. But the question I must ask is: Can the military be trusted with military-type guns?

Kent State: How many innocent people were murdered and maimed by the military? In the shooting in Afghanistan where the U.S. soldier shot to death how many children, women and men, didn’t he use a military weapon?

How many times was the military called in to bust a union strike in the last part of the 1800s and early 1900s, that ended with the death of American citizens?

How about all the crap we handed the Indians? Wounded Knee: 200 to 300 dead at the hands of the U.S. military, using military weapons, plus all the other times the U.S. government broke a treaty with them and it ended in violence and deaths.

I’ll bet the Indians really could have used an “assault weapon.”

The Bonus March in 1932: four killed and over 1,000 injured by the military and police using tanks and military weapons. These people sure are trustworthy with military weapons, aren’t they?

Maybe the anti-gun, anti-freedom crowd believes that some Americans are better than others, more trustworthy with a military weapon. But as you can read and study for yourself, they are not.

So with all this history of military guns being in the hands of the military, do we, as citizens of the USA, really want to trust the military alone with military weapons? No, I cannot and I will not.

Sorry to sound off on the military. I know the vast majority of men and women in the armed forces are good folks, just like the rest of us. Therefore, none of us should be stopped from possessing, owning, building or buying a military-type weapon.

Kevin Shannon