Commissioners hasty

The Blair County commissioners said it’s not about money? Then why are they selling out our seniors and our youth?

The county pays Affinity Group to run Valley View Nursing Home which, according to the commissioners, is making money. Then why sell? Let Affinity continue to do their job. If government cutbacks are the excuse, they should do their job by contacting our congressmen and not taking the easy way out by selling yet another piece of Blair County.

Just because other counties have sold out, why must we? Blair County’s nursing home is one of the highest rated in the county, thanks to caring, dedicated employees and families.

The commissioners should be proud to stand behind the home and its residents and not be so hasty in selling. They should be setting the example that it works, not jumping on the bus with other counties that have sold out their seniors.

The youth of Blair County have little resources as it is, and yet the commissioners think it’s OK to take what little there is.

Commissioners, have you thought about our youth? You will be taking away their soccer and other activities that help many children to develop into well rounded adults of the community. Your actions will affect so many people. It is time for you all to step up and save Valley View.

Becky Moyer, Duncansville