Banning hate is answer

I write not to say that I’m against the aspects of guns but that I am against the aspect of violence. I am against the aspect of hate, and I believe it is so unfortunate that guns are so often used because of hate.

I ask you to take a stand against hate, not a gun ban, just a stand against hate.

Whether a person is black or white, yellow or green, straight or gay, in between, young or old makes no difference, for hate should not be allowed to unfold.

Some would say banning guns some would solve the problem. I disagree in the sense that without banning hate, it makes no difference. If you don’t ban hate, none of this can change even if there were no guns.

I ask you now to take a stand for the moral high ground. Take a stand against hate.

I believe the time has come to state are you against hate. That is why we need a hate crimes bill. We need to ban hate.

John A. DeBartola