All Americans should pay taxes to federal gov’t

I’m a believer in all citizens having “skin in the game” when it comes to paying taxes.

Every adult citizen in our country with an income (even if that income is only welfare) should be required to pay a percentage of that income in taxes.

When non-working recipients of welfare and other social service/aid programs, whose income is provided from the earnings of workers, whine that those workers who provide them with their “income” should pay more taxes, then the increase would also automatically pertain to them.

It’s too easy to scream, “They should pay their fair share” when those doing the screaming have no “skin in the game.” It is well known from election statistics that this group, among others, voted to place Barack Obama back in office, and I would assert that they voted this way because they are on only the receiving end of Obama’s many “hand-out” programs (which seem to go on ad infinitum).

As an alternative to the above proposal, I would favor a reasonable “consumption tax” to take the place of federal income tax, but only if it would apply to all citizens.

What are your thoughts?

Dean Greg Marcaurelle