Go+TV will be ‘super’ combo

You’ll notice a significant change in our Go magazine beginning today.

Go, which has been a well-received anchor in our Friday edition for 20 years, is merging with Select TV, our tabloid of TV listings that has been published and offered free with your Saturday Mirror.

We’re now Go+TV.

This is being done to strengthen both products and because weekend planning and TV go together. We think it makes sense for readers and advertisers.

Change is not something we approach flippantly. A mini-committee has been meeting weekly for the better part of two months on this project to, in the words of Publisher Ed Kruger, “get our whole brain working.”

We know newspapers forge reader habits that are not easily broken or changed.

That’s part of the beauty of newspapers — that readers know about what to expect, where the obits and weather are on a daily basis and in what order the sections are typically placed.

We’re fortunate that our reader base is still strong and has allowed the Mirror to survive and still thrive better than many other newspapers.

Our Sunday circulation of nearly 30,000 remains the biggest between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and is among the largest in the state.

And yet, we also know when you alter something like the TV listings, it can sometimes trigger consternation, especially to our senior readers, and we’re sensitive to that.

When we changed the format of Select TV about 10 years ago, it was accompanied by a number of calls beginning with, “I’ve been subscribing to the Mirror for 50 years,” followed by at least a slight cross of confusion and frustration.

There should be less transition this time around as it’s simply being moved and not changed.

It will conveniently pull out of the Go section, or “Super Go,” as coordinator Cory Dobrowolsky has playfully dubbed it.

So while you get used to the weekly TV listings arriving a day earlier than usual, your Saturday Mirror will be without them.

We know some of you have weekend subscriptions that include Saturday, Sunday and Monday editions.

Friday will now have an added value, not only with Go+TV but with our weekly Religion section and, of course, Penn State Gameday during the football season.

Plus, with the help of AMC Altoona/Duncansville 12 general manager Erin Wyandt, we’ve taken steps toward securing updated and accurate movie listings at both local theaters for our new and enhanced Go+TV.

Call our circulation department at 800-287-4480 to secure a seven-day subscription or contact me at the number or email below if you have any concerns or questions about these changes.

As always, the Mirror appreciates your readership and feedback.

Mirror Managing Editor Neil Rudel can be reached at 946-7527 or nrudel@altoonamirror.com.