Eichelberger, Trump leading the right way

Kirk Dodson, a self-proclaimed “teacher,” recently wrote that he became “shocked and dismayed” at a town hall meeting hosted by Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr.

Dodson referenced “… an affront to all who believe in the foundation upon which our country was built.”

I believe in values that supported our new nation. Such as:

– Elected officials shall follow the path that leads to the best opportunities for the people who elected them.

Eichelberger and President Donald Trump are doing that. Barack Obama’s actions indicated that he was anti-Israel, pro-Islam, unwilling or unable to make decisive commitments when action is required, and willing to strap citizens with abominable health insurance that covered too few and cheated both younger workers and elderly patients.

As president, he earned an “F.”

– Freedom of speech for all individuals.

If our founders returned today, they’d strip the multi-billion dollar news-twisting media industry from the free speech roles.

They’d also make it clear that people who despise the flag, verbally attack our leaders and promote obstruction of normal life are traitors. Opinions can be expressed; actions against our nation must be suppressed.

Student mob attacks against others via media should be processed as a crime.

– Freedom to obtain a job and make an honest living.

Permanent Welfare Recipient is not an occupation. The welfare system should be passed down to the state level, and the states should pass responsibilities down to the county or city levels. When the recipients are closer to the source, they become real people again.

Correct assistance can be directed to the most challenged individuals, and blatant corruption can be reduced. To those who hold real jobs, social/political activist is not a real occupation, either.

I also believe that radical socialistic misfits should be institutionalized. But, those institutions must not include our schools and universities, where they can poison the minds of impressionable youth.

Thank you, Sen. Eichel­berger and President Trump for your honorable service.

Please lead us back to the strong and positive nation we once were, and away from the financial dictatorship and moral abyss we’ve become.

Paul C. Mueller