ISIS sinks to new low

Two Islamic State terrorists invaded a church in France during morning Mass on Tuesday.

Before they were shot down by police, they forced the 86-year-old priest to his knees and slit his throat.

The attack was the most recent in a string of atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists, who seem to be focusing most of their evil on France.

Tuesday’s attack was not surprising. If anything, something like it was to be expected.

Islamic terrorists have slaughtered hundreds of men, women and children during the past few months, in a campaign that seems less calculated to expand their “caliphate” than to plumb the depths of evil.

Drenching a place of peace, comfort and safety in blood was just another step in their process of horrifying civilized human beings of all faiths.

Once again, leaders of the world’s most powerful nations have expressed disgust and resolve to eliminate the terrorists.

Clearly, it is long past time to focus on eradicating every vestige of the evil.