Reflect on meaning of Easter

Central Pennsylvania residents awoke today amid observances of the central event – the most important event – of the Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of how people’s personal beliefs square with this important occasion, there exists an acknowledgment of the significance of this day and the positive direction forward that it is meant to inspire.

For most people it’s a day when they put aside their routine activities – many to attend church services followed by meals and other gatherings with family and friends.

The Apostle Paul said the Christian faith would be worthless and futile if Christ had not risen from the dead.

The good that Easter encourages and the guidance that it presents are lost when people fail to accord the holiday the emphasis that it deserves – emphasis built on a foundation of prayer, reflection and a resurrected intention to improve their lives and, in the process, positively influence the lives and deeds of others.

Lent is built upon fasting and repentance for wrongdoings. Easter and the days ahead are meant to be an opportunity to showcase life’s newness and improved intentions, rising above the many challenges, evils and temptations that people routinely encounter.

Even at those times when people succumb to temptations and make wrong choices, Easter and what it stands for provide an avenue for rectifying those wrongs.

Unfortunately, there are people who mock the importance of this day, but believers in Jesus Christ and Easter should rise above that discouragement – experience a new life of their own that, from their personal perspective, conquers the negative forces of the day.

That is part of the reason why Christ was born on Earth, was crucified, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. It’s a series of events difficult for the human mind to fathom, but which people here maintain deep faith and trust nonetheless.

The true meaning of today should overshadow Easter baskets, Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny and chocolate and marshmallow sweets.

They have a place, but it is Christ’s power in conquering death that offers the most dominant hope for mankind.