Jesus fulfilled mission

Today we observe Good Friday, the day Jesus died.

Can good come from a death? What was so good about a man being beaten, scouraged and mocked? He was facing capital punishment, yet his accusers had no evidence that he had done anything wrong. Pilate, pressured by the crowd, agreed to crucify him and let a known murderer go free.

He was forced to carry his cross up a hill where he would be stripped naked and have spikes driven into his hands and feet.

It was the Romans’ method of eliminating slaves, pirates and enemies of the state. They crucified thousands after the Third Serville War in Rome in 73-71 B.C. and thousands more in 70 A.D., after the destruction of Jerusalem.

Yet it is Jesus who is remembered among all those who suffered a death so shameful and disgraceful.

So why is this called Good Friday?

It is because, Christians believe, of what it did for mankind. Jesus shed his blood so people could be forgiven and have a relationship with God.

Christians will set aside time today to remember that good can come from a death and God’s love for mankind.

They may attend a service, meditate while walking the Stations of the Cross or consider his Last Seven Words on the cross. They may remember how he didn’t want to die this painful death. His prayer to the Father in the garden of Gethsemane was if it was possible, to take this cup – this impending crucifixion – away from him.

Yet he also prayed that the will of the Father would be done.

Yes, Jesus died on Good Friday, but that is not the end of the story. If it was, there would be no reason to remember him. It is his Resurrection and victory over death that fulfills his earthly mission.