It’s a day to uphold your duty

It seems like the campaign activities linked to today’s election have been fairly quiet.

But don’t let that stop you from voting.

To help local residents make choices in contested contests, the Mirror devoted time and space in Friday’s edition to publish information about office seekers.

Through responses to questions, local candidates offered voters a short explanation about why they’re running for office and what they hope to accomplish.

While local voters may personally know a candidate or two and plan to vote accordingly, we encourage everyone to read through the candidates’ answers before heading to the polls.

It’s another way to be prepared.

Also, don’t forget to take a photo ID to the poll. While photo IDs are not required for casting ballots, Pennsylvania is moving in that direction. So don’t be surprised if a poll worker asks for a photo ID, and if so, be proud to offer yours and acknowledge your identity as a registered voter.

In contrast, too many people in our area won’t see the inside of a voting precinct today. They’ll find an excuse to avoid voting. Maybe they’ll blame the weather, the lack of candidates or they’ll claim they’re too busy. That’s too bad because the opportunity to vote should never be cast aside. In our nation, voting is a right and a privilege to be embraced and protected.

Voters who say they need more information before heading to the polls can check in with county election offices where staffers are ready to answer questions about poll locations and ballots.

Those who live in Blair County can review sample ballots the county elections office posted on its website for every one of the county’s 97 precincts.

Anyone with a computer can see those ballots at, via a link entitled “2013 sample ballots.”

Vow to be a good citizen today. Take time to vote.