Spirit of Halloween is special

Nostalgia always seems to sneak up on us about this time each year.

The fall and winter holiday seasons have a way of doing that, but none so much as Halloween because it truly is a holiday for kids.

Let’s face it: Adults in costumes walking the streets on Halloween night sans their children is the ultimate in creepy. Heck, there’s an entire movie genre based on that creep factor alone to back us up.

And, yes, there are adult costume parties, but we all know they are just a way to help us get through the holiday without throwing a tantrum and demanding candy from strangers.

Rather than focusing on what we can never truly have again, we need to relish the memories and then pass them on.

Remember the sparkly blue princess costume Mom made and how you and your brothers dashed out of the house with pillowcases clutched in your sweaty hand for carrying home your Halloween haul.

Remember sucking in the crisp and tangy autumn air as you tried to keep up, making your way through neighborhood streets wishing with each doorbell ring for the ultimate score, a full-size candy bar or a Huggie, the sweet nectar of Halloween.

Remember rushing home, pillowcase dragging, feet dragging, crown askew, and then collapsing on the living room floor, dumping the contents of your booty out in order to divide and barter.

Remember for weeks after taking a few select pieces for a treat in your school lunch, because Mom and Dad became the candy police and you were too short to reach the cupboard above the refrigerator even on a stool, using your tippy toes.

Childhood is gone in a blink.

It’s our turn now to stock up on candy, popcorn balls and, yes, Huggies, and greet the next generation of ghosts and goblins with a harmless cackle and a gleam in your eye.

Because, really, it wasn’t that long ago, was it? You can still feel the squeeze of excitement, can’t you?

As always, keep an eye out for trick-or-treaters while driving in Blair County and elsewhere tonight, and have a safe and happy Halloween.