Carrying on our tradition

Today is International Carrier Day.

On behalf of the entire staff at the Mirror, we would like to salute our newspaper carriers, motor route drivers and bundle haulers for their hard work and dependability.

The Mirror has been in business since 1874, and no matter how much work goes into reporting and presenting the news, selling, designing and placing the advertising, and printing the paper, it often still boils down to on-time delivery to complete the daily process.

For that, we’re indebted to our carriers’ dedication.

We realize it takes a special kind of commitment to deliver the newspaper day in and day out. The dynamics of the newspaper delivery have changed over the years, particularly since the conversion many years ago to a morning edition.

What was once a first job to many students in our area, in the afternoon, has become a necessary second income to many adults, working before dawn.

Many readers don’t realize the numerous challenges that face our delivery force, including bad weather, frigid temperatures and vehicle breakdowns, just to name a few.

There are even those rare occasions when a carrier makes a conscious decision to postpone personal priorities to ensure timely delivery of your newspaper.

Our carriers and drivers do this because they know how important receiving the Mirror is to you. They also realize that they are delivering more than just a newspaper. They are helping to keep you and your family in touch with your hometown news and community happenings and so much more.

Please join us in saluting our newspaper carriers, motor route drivers and bundle haulers for their hard work, commitment and dedication in providing world-class home delivery service.