Done voting

After noticing all the letters to the editor about the upcoming election, it saddens me that for the first time in 40 years, I did not vote in this election and will not in any subsequent ones.

I came to this decision after the last presidential election.

I now firmly believe and am convinced that our votes do not count. The elections are predetermined by the powers that be to the detriment and destruction of this country.

No rationally thinking person would elect, let alone, re-elect the very people bent on America’s demise.

If I were to believe that these elections truly reflected the will of American citizens, then we have become a comatose country who believes that handouts, laziness, cowardice, socialism and the shredding of our constitution are the right path to take.

We certainly have fundamentally changed America. So why bother to vote? No one hears me anyway.

Vickie Harbula, Bellwood