Area voters should have no excuse

Today is an election day. Go vote.

No matter what excuse might surface, ignore it.

The weather shouldn’t be a factor because the forecast sounds fairly good.

Lack of time? The polls will be open until 8 o’clock tonight. Nobody’s running? That’s not the case.

Three candidates – Dave Andrews, Wade Kagarise and Fred Miller Jr. – are seeking a county judgeship in Blair County. Each offers a solid resume, so don’t back away from making a choice.

Other local candidates are interested in municipal leadership and school board seats where they’ll be in a position to make decisions affecting you, your family, your neighbors and your community.

Those who win their party’s nominations today will run again in the fall.

Altoona voters should make an extra effort to vote today.

They’ll be saying yes or no to the idea of forming a government study commission to look into the home rule style of government. And no matter whether the answer is yes or no, voters can also choose seven of the 11 candidates to serve on the study commission if the majority support the proposal.

On the state level, one Superior Court seat is up for grabs.

Democrats have a choice between Allegheny County Judge Jack McVay Jr. and Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Joseph Walters. Republicans will see the name of Harrisburg attorney Vic Stabile on their ballot. All have received favorable recommendations from a state bar panel that reviews judicial candidates.

If you don’t know where to vote, turn to for assistance or call the county voter registration office. In Blair County, the number is 695-3150.

One more reason to vote: You set a good example for others, especially your children and grandchildren who can only look forward to their ballot-casting days.

When it comes to being a responsible citizen, the act of voting tops the list. Go do it.