Celebrate foundation of faith

Today, Easter Sunday, Christians remind ourselves of a much more profound instance of new life.

We celebrate a time two millennia ago when Jesus Christ was crucified, was dead and interred – but rose again.

Jesus’ resurrection was the fulfillment of a promise made to followers of the son of God. During his time on Earth he performed many miracles and convinced many people to follow him.

Still, however, many – including some of his most staunch supporters – had doubts. Certainly, they thought, he was a great man. But could he really conquer death?

He did, and the Christian faith as a result quickly took hold. More than 2 billion people, one-third of the world’s population, now call themselves Christians.

Easter is a relatively low-key holiday, at least in comparison to Christmas.

But for those who believe, there is no more important day in the year.

It is a time when we pause to reflect that our faith rests solely on what seemed to many in the time of Christ to be a fantastic promise.

But the glory of this day – of the Christian faith – is that the promise was kept. Happy Easter.