Altoona should work with, not against, people

Wow, I just read the article in the Mirror about Heritage Plaza.

Why don’t we just eliminate smokers and the young people of Altoona from the Heritage Plaza? You know that’s why the young people are trying to get out of Altoona. We build these parks with taxpayers’ money and then look for ways to eliminate or push laws down the throats of the very people who funded these parks.

For 30 years, this town has complained about skateboarding in the city. Why hasn’t it built a skateboard park where we can keep these young people busy? Did we not just put a new building over there that is filled with young people? Do you think none of them skateboard as a means of transportation?

My son used to skateboard, and he was constantly being harassed for it. Giving them something to do and keeping them busy kept them away from drugs and vandalism. We should be trying to find ways to all get along instead of finding ways to eliminate a group of people.

You know they sell alcohol at some of these events, which promotes drinking and driving but God forbid if someone lights up a cigarette when you are outside at one of these events. Cleaning up cigarette butts at these events is no different then cleaning up the trash after an event.

Is this the biggest problem that City Council has to deal with? I think not.

Let’s deal with the blighted properties and the trash that is stinking up the city. Let’s really get rid of the drug problem in the city by making these people serve mandatory five- to-10 year sentences after the second offense and not make deals with them to keep them out of jail.

Let’s get the child predators out of the city. If we do not nurture and value the young people in this city, we have no future.

Businesses will not come here because of all the city mandates we have on the books now. There are too many rules for homeowners, taxpaying citizens and young people, and not enough is done to clean up the city of the child abusers, trash, druggies, blighted properties, stray animals and junkyards with rusted cars and building materials within the city limits.

This article is almost laughable. It sounds more like you are setting the rules for a party, not something that will improve the City of Altoona.

Bonnie Longo