Gerholt has short memory

Apparently area residents haven’t heard the last of the man who killed his estranged wife in 2008 in the parking lot of the McDonald’s in Everett.

Despite pleading no contest to murder in August in exchange for a life sentence, John Gerholt is now asking to withdraw his verdict and go on trial for first-degree murder. He could receive the death penalty if convicted.

Gerholt claims he was misled into making the no-contest plea in exchange for a life sentence. Gerholt’s former defense attorneys, as well as prosecutors, deny he was misled.

And the court record wouldn’t seem to be in his favor, either. Minutes after entering the no-contest plea, Bedford County Judge Daniel Howsare sentenced Gerholt to life in prison without the chance of parole. Gerholt nodded when asked if he understood the sentence.

At that time, he also expressed remorse for the death of Karen Gerholt and said he hoped one day his family could forgive him.

After the plea and sentencing, the hope was the family, including the Gerholts’ two children, would be spared the pain of having to endure a trial and the inevitable appeals that would come with a conviction.

Now, it seems that won’t be the case. Instead, it appears Gerholt likely will occupy his time behind bars with court filings and appeals.

So much for remorse and caring for one’s family.

We hope Gerholt’s attempt to withdraw his plea is quickly rejected as frivolous.

Just because he regrets his deal doesn’t mean he was misled or deserves a new trial.