Hard lines need to be drawn to combat bullying

I am getting tired of, according to media reports, the act of bullying in schools, and in the workplace getting swept under the rug — yes, swept under the rug.

This is done by both the local school districts and various employers in the area. I personally know of children in the Altoona Area School District who have been bullied. Their parents were advised to put them in either special programs or to home-school them or both.

I also know of people who are friends and some who have even closer ties to me who have been bullied in the workplace. From what I was told, the alleged bully was supposedly counseled by their supervisor to cease the actions.

This worked for a very, very short time, and a very short time later, the bullying continued.

So, I am saying that there needs to be a very concentrated effort in both the local school districts and in the places of employment, not just in Altoona, but in all cities, to attempt to stop the bullying.

I know that it will take time, but if we all work together, this will be a better local school district and a better area to be employed.

William H. Harber