Blair County

Stephen and Rose M. Cokrlic to Anthony and Brooke Weimert, 1920 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $95,000.

Mary Jo Goetz to David A. Walters, property in Antis Township, $70,500.

James A. and Belinda S. Barnes to Harold C. and Elisabeth V. Tuggy, 705 E. Third St., Bellwood, $170,000.

Renee Y. Barr to Fogal Realty LLC, property in Altoona, $25,000.

Charles W. II and Deborah L. Lane to James S. Stell, property in Logan Township, $125,000.

Yvonne L. and Daniel E. Gahagan to Sandra L. Hart, Cherry Street, Roaring Spring, $122,000.

Carol Jean McCoy to Samuel H. and Brooke R. McCoy, 408-410 Fourth St., Altoona, $109,215.

Christopher D. Snyder to Nunzio Brian and Krista L. Rehm, 1922 Pine Ave., Altoona, $10,000.

Mary E., Jack K., Thomas L. and Joyce Hartsock, Susan L. Reth and Cheryl R. and Rowland D. Porter to Mary E. Hartsock, 3141-45 Oak Crescent, Altoona, $20,000.

K. Christa Brenner to Bryan F. and Anna M. Caporuscio, 816 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, $340,000.

Clara L. and Adam C. and Sarah E. Buck, property in Logan Township, $153,500.

Yorkshire Group LP and Yorkshire Groupe LLP to 44 N. Queen St. LLC, Camelot MHP LLP and Check Moblie Homes Camelot LLC, property in Logan Township, $2,200,000.

Matthew J. and Jennifer B. Butler to Edward G. and Melissa A. Chipperfield, property in Logan Township, $139,000.

Jennifer K. and Paul L. Johnson Jr. to Paul L. and Karen S. Johnson, property in Altoona, $160,000.

Marjorie R. Mort and Angela and David Johnson to Robert and Melissa Sullivan, 222-224 Mulberry St., Hollidaysburg, $70,000.

Matthew J. Sheridan, Brooke B. Glaubitz and Brooke B. Sheridan to Mark A. Delaney, property in Allegheny Township, $85,000.

John R. and Claudia A. Pentland to Pacific Bros LLC, 1600 Bell Ave., Altoona, $70,000.

Boldt Land Co. LLC to James M. Long, 113-119 E. 26th Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Sherry A. and Timothy M. Temple to Robert and Heather Mentzer, 104 Fourth St., Altoona, $40,000.

Michael A. and Holly Bianconi to William C. and Kimberly R. Mallery, 711-719 N. 20th St., Altoona, $26,500.

Jason S. and Danielle A. Meadows to Gregory C. and Jacinta M. Sell, 512 Puzzletown Road, Duncansville, $210,000.

Chad E. and Jessica I. Boyer to Kirk and Kayla Durbin, property in Frankstown Township, $330,000.

Betty Cavender to Anthony D. Montgomery and Sheena K. Weyandt-Montgomery, 20th Street, Altoona, $21,500.

Bedford County

Mark E. Crabtree, Megan N. Hillegass, Megan N. Crabtree to Amy S. Knisley, property in Bedford Borough, $138,000.

Community Alliance Partners LLC to Six Gun Properties LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $147,000.

Carol Kepple to Eric Fletcher, property in Monroe Township, $30,000.

Ronald C. Diehl to Shane F. Beegle, property in Colerain Township, $145,000.

John Keller to Gary W. Tew, property in Cumberland Valley, $97,500.

Marjorie Jean and Robert E. May to Tracy and Sylvia Detwiler, property in East St. Clair Township, $135,000.

Mark S. Smith to Joshua and Heather Shipley, property in West Providence Township, $131,000.

Andrew E. Sr., and Zelda R. Dalesio to Seth E. and Allison E. Clapper, property in South Woodbury Township, $84,900.

Cheryl R., Paul N. Jr., Mark K., and Linda Smith, and Brenda R. and Donald Ryan, and Terrance R. Smith to Brian and Teresa Ensor, property in Mann Township, $275,000.

Leone L. Carson, Leone L. Mann, Delmas E., Lola M., Linda M. and Galen C. Carsonto to Daniel E. Kimble, property in West St. Clair Township, $160,000.

Joseph F. Sr. and Connie S. Faulkerson to Jonathan A. and Dawn Chamberlain, property in Saxton Borough, $22,000.

Richard A. and Darla K. Steele, and Cindy L. and Timothy A. Berkebile to Story Family Trust, property in Harrison Township.

Kevin L. and Robyn Lynn McMakin to Joy A. Carnicella, property in Snake Spring Township, $127,000.

Raymond A. Carlson to James S. and Karen L. Davidson, property in Bedford Borough, $133,500.

Diane F. Bingham to Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County, Bedford County Habitat for Humanity, property in Bedford Township, $10,000.

Clearfield County

Wells Fargo Bank to Douglas B. Jaggi, property in Sandy Township, $125,000.

Constance W. Hess (by POA), Susna K. Gilliland (AIF) and Alfred P. Hess III to Christopher Fetzer, property in Lawrence Township, $65,000.

Marsha I. Gustafson to Sandra M. ad Michael E. Bumpers, property in DuBois, $95,000.

Nathan D. and Kelli D. Sopic to Jarret Sheeder, property in Curwensville Borough, $97,000.

Benjamin S. Gordon to Frank S. Schall, property in Sandy Township, $160,000.

Carle E. and Debra A. Beighley to Brian E. and Kristy Wiles, property in Sandy Township, $20,000.

Edward W. Wasseen to Spruce Gap Management LLC, property in Cooper Township, $18,000.

Mitchell and Kimberly Koptchak to Julian Taylor, property in Decatur Township, $168,000.

Frederick M. and Barbara M. Riley to Robert D. Jr. and Tammy Lynne Ingram, property in Pike Township, $26,000.

Mifflin County Savings Bank to Stephen P. and Nancy J. Lengel, property in Bloom Township, $45,053.

Timothy L. Bainey to UMI Performance Inc., property in Chester Hill Borough, $65,000.

Huntingdon County

Gregory P. and Angela S. Ciccarelli to Paul V. III and Matthew J. Ellis, property in Smithfield Township, $161,000.

Housing and Urban Development to Luke K. Beaver, property in Walker Township, $40,000.

May Brothers LP to Lapis Lazuli Holdings Limited Liability Company, property in Lincoln Township, $235,000.

Bonita J. Harris Estate to Lee E. and Sandra K. Crile, property in Huntingdon Borough, $62,000.

Judith Y. and Wade Wnuk to Jason M. and Erin J. Daugherty, property in Walker Township, $105,000.

Shawn A. and Megan B. Bookhammer to Nathan E. Shope and Kelsea E. Jones, property in Huntingdon Borough, $160,500.

Mario Mokbel to Neil R. Dicriscio and Brandi J. Miller, property in Warriors Mark Township, $27,000.

Eric S. and Amanda L. Jenkins to Jenkins Family Holding Company LLC, property in Orbisonia Borough $71,832.