The following people have made filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Pittsburgh.

Chapter 7 involves selling assets to pay debts.

Chapter 13 is a plan to pay debts using income.

Chapter 11 involves reorganization to pay off debt.

The information is from the Pittsburgh Legal Journal.

Filings by county include:

Blair County

Richard L. Sr. and Michelle A. Nisewonger. Chapter 13. March 23.

Bedford County

David T. and Dawn M. Hite. Chapter 7. March 20.

Cassandra Joy Snyder. Chapter 7. March 20.

Cambria County

Jack J. Mazzarese. Chapter 7. March 23.

Christina L. Davis. Chapter 7. March 21.

Marilyn Joyce Broege. Chapter 13. March 21.

Mary T. Burns. Chapter 7. March 20.