Blair County

Gregory S. and Cara L. Burket to W. Scott and Mary K. Emeigh, property in Hollidaysburg, $260,000.

Michael F. Traficante to Brandon M. Traficante, property in Altoona, $66,167.

Paul J. Fleissner II to Donnie W. Jr. and Cathy J. Bonsell, property in Snyder Township, $123,500.

Tony J. Nardella to Biddle Real Estate Inc., 96 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $14,000.

Donald J. and Jennifer D. Tindell to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, 1110 Bloomfield Road, Roaring Spring, $141,500.

Zacahry J. and Danette L. Teeter to Misti M. Hazlett and Jordon D. Beck, property in Snyder Township, $142,900.

Robert A. Jr. and Tabitah J. McKinley to David Christopher Frantz, property in Tyrone, $25,000.

Ian M. and Kelly M. Nedimyer to Matthew P. Finklestine, property in Logan Township, $73,500.

Shelby Shaffer, Shelby Shaffer McKelvey and Thomas E. McKelvey III to Alexander Lee Decker and Bree A. Estep, 225 E. Walnut Ave., Altoona, $56,000.

Andrew David and Shana L. Woomer to Bradley J. Hunter Jr., 1205 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, $88,500.

S&A Homes Inc. to Charles and Laura Welker, Lake Vista Drive, Altoona, $332,752.

Joseph M. and Kathy A. McDonald to Kent E. and Patricia L. Fluke, property in Blair Township, $150,000.

Sharon and Joseph G. Tatsch to Martin Oil Co., 530 N. Second St., Bellwood, $25,000.

Beryl D. Brenner to Michael A. and Melissa D. Pandolph, 231 Elkview Drive, Duncansville, $265,000.

Joseph J. and Lisa Gilbert to Raymond E. Kimmel and Beverly A. Spagnoli, 420 N. Seventh Ave., Altoona, $65,000.

Twila C. Whitesel to Charles S. and Elaine M. Ormsby, 1208-1210 N. Ninth St., Altoona, $145,000.

Jason T. and Michelle A. Metzgar to Nathen Pletcher and Mariah M. Kramer, Utah Road, Altoona, $268,000.

Dominic Vezza to John N. Dutkovich, 230 Ruskin Drive, Altoona, $175,000.

Paul C. and Rachel A. Long to Adam G. and Gary J. Walstrom, Crawford Avenue, Altoona, $174,900.

Curtis A. and Evelyn C. Bookhammer to Daniel E. and Maria T. Rhodes, Catharine Township, $420,000.

Bedford County

Robert K. and Janet E. Sell to Brendan D. Over and Alysha L. Hostetler, property in Woodbury Township, $170,000.

David H. and Gloria C. Hite to Kevin R. and Melissa L. Border, property in Cumberland Valley, $182,000.

Cynthia M. Claar to Karen N. and Layne E. Cober, property in Snake Spring Township, $175,000.

Robert I. Egolf to Jacob S. Williams, property in King Township, $125,000.

Residential Asset Securities Corp. and U.S. Bank National Association to CR 2018 LLC, property in Woodbury Borough, $27,260.

Beverly L., Jeremy S., Angela G. Wyles and Angela G. Stever to Jay E. and Amy B. Yocum, property in Liberty Township, $102,000.

Travis D. Wilson to Matthew A. and Miranda L. Pepple, property in Hopewell Borough, $221,000.

Patricia A. and Wayne A. Whetstone to Joshua D. Beaken, property in Bedford Borough, $125,000.

Gerald E., Priscilla Jo and Priscilla J. Brown to Cody A. Price, property in Woodbury Borough, $151,000.

Jason D. and Angela S. Long to Joseph Glenn and Tina Marie Martin, property in Woodbury Township, $225,000.

James A. Jr. and Deborah L. Jones and Deborah L. and John Buglio to Victoria L. and William Joseph F. Hagenbuch, property in Cumberland Valley, $18,000.

Phyllis Ann and Phyllis A. Wallace to Michael Mearkle, property in Snake Spring Township, $300,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Lori Lynn Beegle, property in Rainsburg Borough, $28,000.

James E. Snider to Jason and Carrie Sue Cornelius, property in Bedford Township, $75,000.

Robert A. and Erica M. Frontino to Danny T. and Kendra C. Foor, property in Hopewell Borough, $100,000.

Jason R. and Melissa M. Mock to Travis Donaldson, property in Napier Township, $137,000.

Patricia Gail Trickett to Patricia Elaine Ferrante, property in Hopewell Township, $120,000.

Rural Conservation Partners LP to William Zachary and Elizabeth E. Sabo, property in Woodbury Township, $75,000.

Cambria County

Leroy A. Guentzel to Amanda A. Shook, property in Cresson Township, $21,000.

Harold A. Thomas, to Jeffrey S. Stein, property in Croyle Township, $31,000.

Russell A. Lauran to Cambria County Redevelopment Authority, property in Cambria Township, $12,000.

U.S. of America to Joshua S. Martin, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $39,000.

Johnathan D. Carroll to Kevin M. Shell, property in Portage Borough, $42,000.

Timothy A. Lind to Roy E. Meyers, property in Upper Yoder Township, $27,500.

Michael A. Brady to U.S. of America, property in Adams Township, $37,000.

Arnold A. Swift to Ambrosia Inc., property in Geistown Borough, $43,000.

Phillip D. Huston to Amy T. Willey, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $67,900.

Barrett A. Kellens to Quest Builders, property in Ebensburg Borough, $52,000.

Harry S. McConnell to Robert A. Higbee, property in Salix Borough, $18,000.

Clearfield County

Mark R. Zimmerman to Patrick R. and Sharlet A. Nestlerode, property in Gulich Township, $16,748.

Frank Lloyd and Nancy Elizabeth Godissart to Russell L. McKenrick, property in Boggs Township

Jeffrey M. and Leslie J. Manno to Richard J. Manno, property in Jordan Township, $63,333.

Michelle M. and Daniel C. Smeal to Kristi J. Kephart, property in Woodward Township, $127,000.

Matthew R. and Julie A. Johnston to James A. Anderson, property in Clearfield Borough, $48,500.

Laurie L. Schall, Lana Morgan and Letta McDonald to Deborah L. Barnett, property in Curwensville Borough, $131,500.

Harry T. Myers to Brian K. McAllister, property in Bigler Township, $65,000.

Thad and Josie Cartwright to Abraham and Jordyn Skacel, property in Morris Township, $152,000.

Robert L. Jr. and Ronald A. Matchock to Davie A. Leamer Jr. and Katy Lynn Swartz, property in Gulich Township, $90,000.

Samuel Lounsbury to Matthew R. and Julie A. Johnston, property in Bradford Township, $14,000.

PT Holdings LLC to Gary S. and Debra R. Carlson, property in DuBois, $290,000.

Edward R. and Tracy L. Remp to Ronald Dean and Linda L. Butler, property in Decatur Township, $150,000.

Tammy J. and Ashley B. English to Edward R. and Tracy L. Remp, property in Bradford Township, $62,000.

John F. Jr. and Kendra Lynn Ballliet to Angela Buffone, property in DuBois, $47,000.

Cindy A. Bryington to Michele J. Mahaffey, property in DuBois, $43,500.

Michael J. and Helen J. McConville to Robert A. Jr. and Janet M. McMurrer, property in Sandy Township, $205,000.

John A. and Denise A. Mosco to Angela M. Hepler and Troy Morrissey, property in Sandy Township, $259,900.

Virginia Wilson and Carol A. Wilson to Megan Watlack and Michael P. Gearhart, property in Greenwood Township, $50,000.

Leonard C. Jr. and Lori A. Martin to Shane T. and Danielle R. Gregory, property in Graham Township, $23,900.

Margaret L. Wolf to Ray Allen and Lois E. Pinto, property in Houtzdale Borough, $52,000.

Harry J. and Brittany A. Frisco to Harvey D. and Sara D. Byler, property in Penn Township, $55,000.

Huntingdon County

Walter N. II, Charlotte K., Walter N. III and Mary Allice Bond to Troy W. and Tara K. Smeltzer and Megan Elizabeth and Lee Robert Hawley, property in Penn Township, $166,00.

Robert and Mary Jane Spoonhoward to Bryan E. and Debra L. Rummel, property in Todd Township, $43,000.

Heather D. Fisher to Thomas J. Ritchey Jr., property in Walker Township, $230,000.

Robert M. Bair Estate to Kathy Jo Shope, property in Shirley Township, $79,000.