Blair County

Jill L. McCoy and Jill L. and Carlos D. Parrilla to Ervin J. and Casey M. Fetherman, 536 Maple St., Roaring Spring, $99,000.

Helen M. Wise to Terrie Lee and George J. Reed, property in Tyrone Township, $190,000.

Michael W. and Julie C. Rishel to Sean M. Greenleaf, 2231 W. 12th St., Tyrone, $99,900.

Alicia M. Snare, Alicia M. Killinger and Wayne A. Killinger Jr. to Kasey and Rachel Podelco, property in Altoona, $85,000.

Lavern M. and Delores L. Gabella to Kyle M. Waite, 809 Albright St., Roaring Spring, $54,000.

Khoa A. Hoang and Huyenthy Le to Taylor A. Shaw, Newry Lane, Duncansville, $138,500.

Charles G. Hinterberger to Golden Eagle Rental LLC, property in Altoona, $150,000.

Sean P. Hampton and Angela L. Winter to David and Teresa Bunzell, property in Allegheny Township, $178,000.

Robert R. and Mary L. Rajnish to Amber D. Zeak and Jeffrey Gregg, 1301-1303 Logan Blvd., Altoona, $63,000.

Samuel K. Mauk, Erica Muehlbrandt and Erica Reigh to Justin M. Progl and Melanie N. Day, 1013-1015 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $56,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Donna L. Covello, 505-507 E. Atlantic Ave., Altoona, $46,000.

Daniel G. and Linda E. Brown to David W. and Wendy A. Dumm, Elk View Drive, Duncansville, $265,000.

Andrew F. and Bernadie L. Kushner to Sean L. Graziosi and Brittney J. Hollingshead, 3001 19th St., Altoona, $32,900.

Salvadore J. and Claudia R. Patchell and Spencer A. Wiggins, 1425-1427 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona, $53,580.

Spencer A. Wiggins to Daniel M. Sipes, 1002 Second Ave., Altoona, $39,000.

Spencer A. Wiggins to Daniel M. Sipes, property in Altoona, $51,750.

Spencer A. Wiggins to Daniel M. Sipes, 1423 Third Ave., Altoona, $53,000.

Paula D. Hileman and Paula D. Keithley to Scott A. Decker and Michael R. Decort, property in Frankstown Township, $18,000.

Frances E. Clatterbuck to Eric Fink and Alana Gates, Robin Avenue, Altoona, $82,500.

Lynn O. Granville to Bradley Pesimo Staley, property in Altoona, $42,000.

Albert M. Prough to David E. and Linda K. Smith, property in Frankstown Township, $153,000.

Brandon W. and Andrea A. Greenleaf to Thomas M. and Lisa R. Levine, property in Logan Township, $96,000.

Ray Glenn Ball to Scott Barger, Spruce Avenue, Altoona, $49,500.

Jackie N. Wyland to Shane Montgomery, property in Freedom Township, $65,200.

Joshua R. and Kathleen L. Buchanan to Dylan S. and Bridgette N. Jackson, 313 Grant Ave., Altoona, $79,900.

Melvin R. Brubaker to Brandon W. and Andrea A. Greenleaf, property in Logan Township, $115,000.

Kurt W. and Michelle A. Young to Domini and Stacy Lonero, Harvard Lane, Altoona, $140,000.

David Christopher Frantz to Robert Anders, property in Snyder Township, $55,000.

Thomas and Wendy Lynch to Elizabeth C. and Lucas A. Mearkle, 3709-3711 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $138,500.

Lenora L. and Tiffany A. Shaw to Steve Roberts Realty LLC, property in Blair Township, $299,000.

Gregory S., Amy, Robert W. and Judith A. Schroeder to Matthew Allen Martz and Stephen Cokrlic, property in Altoona, $49,900.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Wilbert C. and Dawn L. Cartwright, 319 Grant Ave., Altoona, $15,400.

CWMBS Inc. to Matthew H. Greenstone and Yuanjue L. Zhang, 244 Longview Drive, Altoona, $399,200.

Franklin D. and Frank W. Hoover to Andrew M. Hicks, 409 Keystone St., Altoona, $159,000.

Connie L. Mauk to Robert M. Rinnger Jr., property in Claysburg, $69,500.

Sandra B. McFarland to Ninth Street LLC, 2716 Oak Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

William F. and William P. Morrison to Sarah E. Gardner, 1527 Second Ave., Altoona, $49,000.

Charles E. and Eva L. Coho to Kimbel L. and Sharon K. Metzgar, property in Allegheny Township, $170,000.

Property Express Limited Liability Co. and Property Express LLC to Silk Mills Property Inc., property in Altoona, $220,000.

Wilbert C. and Dawn L. Cartwright to Sharon E. Dick and Martin Rodgers, Pitt Road, Altoona, $26,000.

Justin and Pamela Salony to Pinecone Rentals LLC, 1218-1220 15th Ave., Altoona, $59,000.

Carolyn D. Meredith to Larry A. Plummer and Theresa M. Ulrich, 610 W. 15th St., Tyrone, $114,000.

Thomas A. Catalano to Vincenzo Scolaro, 101-103 E. Second Ave., Altoona, $54,000.

Mark A. and Kimberly A. Camenti to David C. Troyer and Beverly M. Getz, property in Altoona, $70,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Rick Lonsinger, 732 Sugar St., Roaring Spring, $16,900.

Kimber Lee Wilson and Carl D. Kerns and Kelly Jane Willson and David Varsho to Homestead Real Estate Management LLC, 507 E. Maple Ave., Bellwood, $62,750.

Saverio Lacroce to Dianna Termin and Matthew Snyder, 514 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $19,000.

Sandra M. and Brian E. Young and Michele G. Howard to KSM Realty LLC, 303-307 E. First St., Williamsburg, $225,000.

Susan J. Mielnik to Donald R. and Rita E. Faulkner, 9907 Old Route 22, Hollidaysburg, $70,000.

Bedford County

Joseph J. and Sandra C. Black to Michael E. and Shaina D. Stone, property in West St. Clair Township, $204,000.

Kyle Everett and Katie A. Hartz to Sandra Norris, property in Woodbury, $29,000.

Gerald D. Jr. and Denise J. Ware to Gary W. and Krista R. Spangler, property in Cumberland Valley, $130,000.

Peter C. and Loretta C. Powell to Serenity Springs LLC, property in East Providence Township, $660,000.

Robert E. and L. Annette Ritchey to Daniel O. and Brooke L. Knisley, property in Snake Spring Township, $27,000.

Dr. Jonas M. Fineman Revocable Living Trust to Mary Ellen Edmiston Revocable Living Trust, property in East Providence Township, $176,000.

Stanley E. and Shirley J. Muir to Daniel Brewster and Michele A. May, property in Broad Top, $170,000.

Harry S., Steven and Steven L. Snyder to D. Clair Hixson, property in South Woodbury Township, $50,000.

D. Clair Hixson to Steven L. and Amanda J. Snyder, property in South Woodbury Township, $110,000.

Delores C. and E. Delores Detwiler to Elverne N. and Norleen Martin, property in Bloomfield Township, $240,000.

Francis J. III and Ann W. McMahon to N&D Partners LLC, property in East Providence Township, $260,000.

Ronald L. and Viola Mae Logsdon to John Timothy Fox, property in Londonderry Township, $56,000.

Clearfield County

Paul E. and Christina M. McIntyre to Angelina M. and Jamie Keith, property in Burnside Township, $65,500.

Ralph G. II and Dennis L. Lingle to Russell Real Estate LLC, property in Girard Township, $12,500.

Nancy L. Baney to Ezra John Lefort Jr., property in Osceola Mills, $44,900.

Brent and Beth Kreiser to Raymond Jr. and Linda Burdge, property in Huston Township, $33,000.

Ernest T. and Shawna B. Rosselli to Paul and Charlotte Cavalier, property in Union Township, $37,840.

Daniel R. and Heather E. Kailburn to Dean H. and Susanne M. English, property in Covington Township, $15,500.

Thomas P. and Melissa A. Peacock to Catherine S. Haskin, property in Gulich Township, $56,000.

Robert F. and Christy A. Thomas to James A. and Erin M. Mickney, property in Morris Township, $234,900.

Marie R. Breznay and Thomas G. Breznay Jr. Estate to Michael and Shanna Beckett, property in Sandy Township, $134,350.

Patricia L. Lanich to Jason T. and Leticia R. Hoehn, property in Curwensville Borough, $86,500.

Ben M. and Ida J. Troyer to Levi E. and Lizzie H. Miller, property in Troutville Borough, $165,000.

Ronald L. Schucker Estate and Timothy L. Schucker to Matthew L. and Alyson R. Schucker, property in Lawrence Township, $70,000.

Gerald A. and Beverly J. Schickling to Sierra M. Walker, property in Clearfield, $70,000.

Janet M. Seaburn to Kevin and Lara Legenski, property in Pike Township, $155,000.

Robert B. and Carol A. Stout to David A. and Sonya Harsomchuch, property in Decatur, $175,000.

Catherine L. Klopp to Susan A. Ermlick, property in Curwensville Borough, $120,000.

James Joseph and Tina Lombardo to Ryan and Jona Haggans, property in Decatur, $73,000.

Robert J. and Karen L. Wriglesworth to Julia K. Wriglesworth, property in Penn Township, $90,000.

Michael J. and Linda D. Gray to David E. Miknis, property in Brady Township, $100,000.

Turm Oil Inc. to LPR Energy LLC, property in Chest Township, $32,000.

Huntingdon County

Tyler N. and Sarah C. Geary to Tina M. and Jonathan R. Storms, property in Warriors Mark, $249,900.

Eric S. and Wendy M. Wright to Chad E. and Brandy M. Beegle, property in Clay Township, $229,900.

Anthony J. Gianato to Brian K. and Stephanie A. Wertz, property in Smithfield Township, $259,500.

Edward W. Yocum and Janet Schoderbek-Yocum to Robert E. Jr. and Stephanie A. Hippman, property in Juniata, $36,500.

Jason S. Brenneman and Kiley D. Hack to Chelsea D. Yohn and Rachel M. Stubler, property in Huntingdon, $82,000.

Charles Frederick Reeder Estate and Lauri J. Reeder to Thomas and Diana Fouse, property in Porter Township, $237,000.

Justin T. and Holly C. Laird to Jeffrey K. and Dorothy M. Eberman, property in Huntingdon, $62,962.

William T. Smith to Quentin D. and Heather J. Shaffer, property in Huntingdon, $85,000.

Derrick J. and Debra A. Brungart to Dennis G. and Kathleen A. Potteiger, property in Cass Township, $149,900.

Jessica A. Rux to Bradley J. and Stephanie L. Brown, property in Mount Union, $90,000.

Nancy R. and Phillip L. Dougherty to Ryan K. Snyder, property in Walker Township, $110,000.

Brian S. and Teresa L. Laird to Robert W. Bickle, property in Henderson Township, $97,000.

Christopher M., Megan L., Gary Lee and Cathy J. Barnett to Dean C. and Karen L. Varner, property in Clay Township, $50,000.

Robert T. and Susan C. Wilson to Michael Brent and Deborah H. Simpson, property in Penn Township, $56,000.

E. James II and Julie K. McMath to CDT Real Estate LLC, property in Shirley Township, $60,652.

Thomas A. and Jamie L. Dailey to Dale R. and Duane R. Hawn, property in Penn Township, $37,000.

Donald L. and Linda F. Rockwell to Matthew W. and Amanda C. Rogers, property in Clay Township, $468,500.