Blair County

Paul H. Resnik to Diane L. Moore, McIntosh Lane, Hollidaysburg, $180,000.

Marjorie Endara to Roy D. Jr. and Arlene F. Keller, property in Antis Township, $120,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to William C. and Kimberly R. Mallery, 1210 20th St., Altoona, $22,300.

Thomas M. and Sharon M. Finocchio to Raymond and Barbara Moyer, property in Logan Township, $85,000.

WEO Inc. to GT&G Assoc. LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $530,000.

Elizabeth A. Danella and Elizabeth A. Dick to Matthew J. and Heather L. Crusinberry, Sixth Avenue, Altoona, $42,500.

Ruby J. Griffith to Krista M. Gorman, 2224-2226 Second Ave., Altoona, $101,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to PSN LLC, 1917 Fifth St., Altoona, $23,500.

Daniel A. and Christy M. Rubine to Paul A. and Shari A. Edevane, 301-303 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $32,000.

Ritchie B. and Marsha A. Johnston to Thaddeus J. and Bridgitte D. Mickel, 382 Cream Hollow Road, East Freedom, $42,500.

Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. to Paula J. Reed, 424 E. Caroline Ave., Altoona, $73,449.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. and Fannie Mae to Shawn Johnson, 1457 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, $19,000.

Elizabeth E. Brumbaugh to Wilbert L. Matthews, property in Taylor Township, $80,000.

Bradley A. and Susan A. Sinclair to Justin M. and Michelle L. Dunio, property in Logan Township, $10,000.

James W. and Roberta L. Ramsay to Robert E. and Brenda L. Orr, 414 Fourth St., Tyrone, $219,000.

Larry R. and Sharon E. Frederick to Lamar R. and Ginger L. Keith, property in Roaring Spring, $225,000.

Jenna M. Hench and Joshua L. Miller to Carmella M. and Scott C. Wilkins, property in Tyrone, $120,000.

Darius D. and Angela Martz to Paul Ray and Alta N. Fox, property in Roaring Spring, $11,000.

Fred D. Shaffer, Apryle Edelblute and Gerald Edelblute II to Allegheny-Wayne Properties LP, 211 Broad St., Hollidaysburg, $48,000.

Laverne R. Berkey to Michael D. Dively, property in Greenfield Township, $10,000.

Terre L. and David A. Zinobile to Derek M. and Leah S. Park, 809 Hickory St., Roaring Spring, $59,375.

Korry D. and Suzy A. Kirkham to Morrisons Cove Ray-Camp Post 7689 VFW of the U.S. Inc., property in Taylor Township, $18,000.

Robert I. and Betty L. Kunseslman to Delbert L. and Marvina L. Smith, property in Hollidaysburg, $209,000.

Melissa T. and Michael W. Mayberry to National Transfer Services LLC, property in Hollidaysburg, $366,000.

Bank of America to Delores D. McCreary, 121 Southgate Lane, East Freedom, $82,400.

Derlin Enterprises LLC to Robby Johnson, property in Tyrone, $70,000.

National Transfer Services LLC to William Ward Jr., 1534 Sylvan Drive, Hollidaysburg, $366,000.

Kurt Wade Wohler to Kamara L. Walters, Carson Valley Road, Duncansville, $145,000.

Robert J. and Lisa R. Odellick to Travis L. Hyle and Tara L. McGraw, property in Tyrone Township, $210,000.

Tara L. McGraw and Tara L. Maloney to Paula L. Morse, 2413 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $77,500.

NJD Properties 2 LLC to Joshua Zearfoss, 717 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona, $10,000.

Antoinette Marie Marinelli to Derek N. and Stephanie M. McNelly, 2622-2624 Pleasant Valley Blvd., $97,500.

Tye O. Dively to 917 North Third Ave. Inc., 917-931 N. Third Ave., Altoona, $224,000.

Phillip W. and Tammy L. Keith to Dennis A. Breon, Dick Schoolhouse Road, Roaring Spring, $124,200.

Lori L. Pucciarella to Roberta C. Dandrea and Eugene C. Burkhard, 315 Logan Blvd., Altoona, $65,000.

Borough of Hollidaysburg to Liberty Hall Properties Inc., 413 S. Juniata St., Hollidaysburg, $30,200.

CWABS Inc. to WYLD-Mills LLC, 188 Burket Road, Hollidaysburg, $80,100.

Daniel W. and Erica A. Bowser to Jordan Evey Kech, 312 Aldrich Ave., Altoona, $160,000.

Brian E. and Laura C. Kamoie to Dana J. Burk, 1513-1515 25th Ave., Altoona, $73,000.

William W. and Alice A. Stouffer to James V. and Michelle N. Shank, property in Hollidaysburg, $319,000.

A. Margaret, Ann Margaret and Ann M. Updike to Robert W. Hopkins Jr., property in Tyrone, $109,900.

Jeremy J. and Susan Jean Nagle to Travis R. and Laura K. Cooper, property in Antis Township, $242,500.

Ronald L. and Joann E. Dekker to Jeremy J. Nagle, 28th Avenue, Altoona, $174,000.

Joseph T. and Annette Marie DiTosti to Erica A. Bowser, 1510 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona, $58,000.

John W. Rutherford to Joseph C. and Carleen T. Thomas, 13th Avenue, Altoona, $170,000.

Anne L. Saclaro to Wayne A. Jr. and Alicia M. Killinger, property in Altoona, $199,900.

Joseph M. and Melanie A. Petlock to Wade E. Winslow, property in Logan Township, $114,000.

Sayed Morteza Gharib and Mandana Mirshahzadeh to Jerome J. DeJulia, property in Frankstown Township, $398,000.

Pamela D. Filer to Vicki Claar, 2416 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Christine M. LaRosa to Allegheny Real Estate Holdings LLC, 314-316 58th St., Altoona, $93,000.

Travis R. and Laura K. Cooper to Charles Terry Smith III and Susan Lynn Lockard, property in Frankstown Township, $185,000.

Timothy P. Sr. and Lisa M. Thompson to Eric C. Holdren, property in Snyder Township, $239,900.

Bedford County

Lori L. Copley to Joseph M. and Lisa K. Kreydatus, property in Bedford Township, $250,000.

David J. Vanecek to Joseph A. Heit, property in Bedford Township, $40,500.

Claude B. and Mary Lou T. Hall to Misty L. Miles and Louis G. Shearer, property in Bedford Township, $158,000.

Sarah Ann, S. Ann Robine to Robert J. and Brenda K. Beiter, property in Hopewell Township, $176,000.

ADV Penn LLC to Neill Sons LLC, property in Snake Spring Township, $350,000.

Kenneth and Vonda Ehrhart to Andrew Lee Karns, property in Rainsburg, Borough, $16,000.

Margaret C. and David III Boorman to Kayla R. and Theodore R. Wertz, property in King Township, $294,900.

Maxton J. and Katherine L. McCann to Michael A. and Heather L. Cornell, property in Bedford Borough, $124,500.

Joseph A. Swartzwelder and Christine A. Mills to Don S. and Jon T. Blackburn, property in SouthHampton Township, $155,000.

Mattew S. and Emma Jane Fishter to James Degaeta, property in Napier Township, $460,000.

Joyce C. Ott to Brandon D. and Chelsy M. Calhoun, property in South Woodbury Township, $108,000.

HKSN Corp. to Tracy D. and Jeffery P. Kasik, property in West St. Clair Township, $100,000.

Peter Vaida to Jeff Bange, property in Manns Choice Borough, $48,500.

James Robert Perry and Pauline Moore to PA Chimney Doctor Inc., property in Snake Spring Township, $92,000.

Twilet A. Corle to Jeffrey W. Jr. and Sherry T. Friday, property in St. Clair Township, $115,000.

Richard A. and Susan D. Duputy to Duane A. and Janelle K. Nolt, property in Colerain Township, $442,500.

Richard A. and Susan D. Duputy to Zimmco Enterprises, property in Colerain Township, $832,500.

Randy Lee Imes to Mark S. Smith, property in West Providence Township, $52,000.

Michael F. and Barbara J. Arnold to Cynthia J. Wise, property in Bedford Borough, $161,500.

Randall M. Ross and Diane K. Ross to Chad R. Patterson, property in Mann Township, $33,000.

Magaly Ickes to Jillene R. Whisel and Stephen J. Wagner, property in East St Clair Township, $149,000.

Lori C. Ingram and Karen Shaffer Trego to Benjamin M. and Kimberly L. Farrall, property in Hyndman Borough, $70,000.

Bobby E. and Deborah J. Lindamood to Chess Master LLC, property in Hopewell Township, $27,625.

Zebra Homes LLC to Andrew Jeffers, property in Bedford Borough, $367,000.

Anthony J. and Jamie M. Pebley to Joseph A. Reed, property in Everett Borough, $120,000.

Robert E. Ritchey to Christopher A. and Kathleen M. Bullington, property in Snake Spring Township, $27,250.

Shawn M. and Tracey M. Hendershot to Clinton B. Mearkle, property in West Providence Township, $225,000.

Cambria County

Garrison Investments to Carl P. Farmer, property in Croyle Township, $30,000.

Helen A. Martin to Andrew M. Starling, property in Cresson, $27,000.

Jerome A. McNeil to Shannon M. Walters, property in Portage, $49,780.

U.S. of America to Ryan A. Simmons, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $12,000.

Sydney S. Derre to Arthur S. Thomas, property in White Township, $68,000.

James A. Harrigan to Michael A. Kivlehan property in Westmont, $45,0000.

Daniel R. Richards to Orion development group, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $86,500.

Hunter R. Vinson to Samuel S. Naughton, property in Cresson, $32,000.

Michael A. Singer to Alvin R. Jordan, property in Nanty Glo, $12,000.

Robert A. Tate to Corey A. Miller, property in Northern Cambria, $18,000.

Evan A. Kramer to Martin S. Rollins, property in Ebensburg, $48,000.

Clearfield County

Jason C. Hayes and Beverly A. King to Sara R. and John A. Rhodes, property in DuBois, $65,110.

Timothy J. and Mary Jo Dodson to William J. and Lori A. Mehok, property in Sandy Township, $25,000.

RGB Clearfield Development Inc. to JIG AMI LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $2.800,000.

John C. and Sharon M. Hamilton to Charles E. Spaid, property in Curwensville Borough and Pike Township, $60,000.

Donna M. Lingle to David A. Keith Jr., property in Lawrence Township, $108,000.

Kimberly A. Owens to Robert R. and Laura L. Krasinski, property in Cooper Township, $20,000.

Stephen P. and Autumn A. McBride to Jackie L. and Derrick Peters, property in Clearfield, $65,000.

Cartys Financial Corporation to Donald R. and Barbara L. Gregg, property in Sandy Township, $205,000.

David Michael and Holly Corina Tihansky to Stephen M. English Jr., property in Lawrence Township, $132,000.

Bobbie Jo and Kenneth Jr. Schultz to Kerry L. Wick, property in Sandy Township, $16,750.

Jeffrey L. Fink to James E. and Priscilla A. Brown, property in Lawrence Township, $10,000.

Aaron J. and Autumn D. Prisk to Tyler D. Mays, property in Pike Township, $135,150.

John P. Swoope to Duane L. and Sherri L. Swoope, property in Bradford Township, $39,500.

Bell Run Properties LLC to Stoltzfus Woodlands LLC, property in Pike and Penn Township, $248,000.

Timothy S. and Bridget R. Black to Kyle D. and Jaala L. Deemer, property in Sandy Township, $90,000.

Enos J. and Emma S. Hershberger to Andrew D. and Ella L. Yoder, property in Brady Township, $30,000.

Margaret Baun to Steven D. and Loriann S. Striegel, property in Sandy Township, $30,000.

Sandeep Bansal and Kavita Goyal to William M. Long, property in Sandy Township, $290,000.

Huntingdon County

U.S. Bank N A to Faye Gardner, property in Lincoln Township, $41,500.

Barry E. Knaub Jr. to Philip and Cindy Stehman, property in Cromwell Township, $150,000.

Carole J. Brumbaugh to Samuel J. and Faye D. Peters, property in Smithfield Township, $130,000.

Brian and Kelley J. Rodgers to Bryson L. Hicks, property in Shirley Township, $89,000.

Stanley D. and Patricia E. Holesa to Tiereney Crouse, property in Mount Union, $125,500.

Michael S. and Janet May Conner to Thomas R. Wakefield, property in Springfield Township, $19,900.

Carol M. Isett Estate to John D. Sheesley III, property in Barree Township, $85,000.

Frank P. Jr. and Nancy Pandolfino to John C. Stevens, property in Smithfield Township, $195,000.

Mount Union Area Medical Center and J C Blair Hospital Inc. to Broad Top Area Medical Center Inc., property in Mount Union Borough, $420,592.

Kristy L. Isett to Gregory A. and Lee Ann Crooks, property in Hopewell Township, $15,000.

Clyde E. Stains to Community State Bank of Orbisonia, property in Orbisonia, $25,000.