Blair County

Nathan and Chelsea Hammel to Daniel C. King, property in Allegheny Township, $120,000.

John A. Wiley to Heather L. and Jonah Beschler, 653 Washington Ave., Tyrone, $40,000.

Jerome E. Mitchell to Nathan E. and Chelsea A. Hammel, property in Duncansville, $139,900.

Anthony J. and Suzanne E. Zanoni to Patricia L. Ray, 1416 First Ave., Altoona, $10,000.

Josephine C. Mock to Mark V. Gasbarro, 2029-31-33 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $106,000.

Brian K. and Barbara L. Horner to Shawn M. Chathams and Selena R. Romeo, property in Hollidaysburg, $130,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Connor Conway Wharton, 128-130 Spruce Ave., Altoona, $27,500.

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania to Acacia Properties Inc., 4401 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $42,500.

John F. and Theresa M. Tomlinson to Regis J. and Lisa L. Myers, 513 22nd Ave., Altoona, $67,101.

Lawrence Moore to Bank of America, 121 Southgate Lane, East Freedom, $14,167.

Daniel J. and Rebecca N. Ingram to Chelsea M. Laret, 23rd Avenue, Altoona, $102,000.

CITI Mortgage Inc. to Alicia Kline, 1250 Juniata Valley Road, Hollidaysburg, $40,000.

Gladys Jane Crittendon to Kris A. and Tamara R. Fuller, Oakdale Road, Martinsburg, $162,000.

Randilee Giamusso, Randilee Sedlak and Angelo Giamusso to Stone Financing LLC, property in Hollidaysburg, $178,000.

Stone Financing LLC to Michael P. and Michala C. Sapienza, 203 Sweet Cherry Court, Hollidaysburg, $178,000.

James L. and Jacqualyn I. Leach to Douglas E. Sr. and Nancy Ann Sherman, 310 E. Main St., Roaring Spring, $88,000.

Irene M. Musser to White Deer Run LLC, property in Williamsburg, $145,000.

Scott Zillinger to Kevin Bush, property in Altoona, $40,000.

Richard J. Hinterberger to Craig W. and Brittany E. Snyder, property in Blair County, $145,000.

Promoland Inc. to BHK Properties LLC, property in Altoona, $950,000.

CITI Mortgage Inc. to Robert L. and Carol J. McKinley, 229 and 231 Bear Ridge, Williamsburg, $34,900.

Bernadette M. and Bernadette B. Wertz to Thomas G. and Amy S. Martin, 527 E. Fifth St., Bellwood, $53,000.

John D. Jr. and Mary A. Conte to Home Away for Home Rentals LLC, 2708-2710 Pine Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Sarah J. Long, Sarah Jane Irvin and Sara Jane Long to Jeffery S. Long, property in Tyrone Township, $373,608.

Brian E. and Kristen N. Helsel to Ronald M. Santoni, 1017 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $17,000.

Tammy L. Bookhammer to Jacob M. and Jennifer N. Mazzei, property in Woodbury Township, $130,000.

Ruth N. Ray to Brinn J. and Kira R. McCall, property in Roaring Spring, $110,000.

Jill L. Madden and Jill L. and Dustin Delozier to Stephen C. and Tracey D. Weyandt, Ruskin Drive, Altoona, $186,500.

James E. and Rose Burkhart to Sugar Run Enterprises LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $350,000.

Robin S. and Cheryl Feathers to Matthew S. Bisset, 715 Blair St., Hollidaysburg, $105,000.

Marvin Frazell to Frazell Properties LLC, 436 Washington Ave., Tyrone, $25,000.

James E. and Brent Heaton to Michael C. Nixon, property in Hollidaysburg, $126,000.

Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to Mark Marino, 2101 12th Ave., Altoona, $24,334.

Robert A. and Louise Conner to Gary A. and Yvonne M. Freet, 2726 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $49,000.

Robert S. and Sue Ann Snyder to Jason M. and Bethany A. Spahn, 625-627 N. Eighth Ave., Altoona, $106,000.

Glenn A. Leamer Jr. to Douglas A. Madden, 1510 14th St., Altoona, $23,000.

Steven G. Neff to Steven Barako and Jaimie Gennaro, Anna Drive, Hollidaysburg, $132,000.

Kimberly Jo Hofer and Kenneth P. Hofer Jr. to CBS Partners LLC, 707-709 12th St. and 1206 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $158,000.

William E. Vanallman to David M. Cliber, 219 Lloyd St., Altoona, $54,400.

Cullen L. and Mindy S. Sheehan to Dustin P. and Jill Lynn Delozier, 116 Quince Court, Hollidaysburg, $306,000.

Dorothy I. Smith to Richard B. Smith, 527-529 Second Ave., Duncansville, $70,670.

David B. Donnelly to Michael E. and Catherine M. Shivers, 415 Parkview Lane Unit 506, Altoona, $185,000.

Steven . and Mary Ann Fox to Kevin L. and Twylene F. Martin, property in Woodbury Township, $145,000.

Brian E. and Kristen N. Helsel to Mark A. Cullum, 1420-1422 Third St., Altoona, $550,000.

Emma S. Kneidinger to Todd M. Holes, Asbury Lane, Altoona, $224,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Rudolph J. and Lynn M. Fusco, 605 Blair St., Hollidaysburg, $35,000.

Ashley Y. Dean and Erich L. Wagner to John C. Zanella, property in Snyder Township, $162,900.

New Creation in Christ Ministry to Siri Real Estate LLC, 111 and 113 14th Ave., Altoona, $60,000.

Nancy G. Carper to Steven M., Billie J. and Nathan Harker, property in Blair Township, $77,500.

Joanna Joan Tetanich to Albert and Brenda Rivera, 2406 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Lois R. Sawyer, Campbell Family Trust, Robert Graf and Dolores L. and Lore Graf Campbell to SB Timberlands LLC, property in Hollidaysburg, $275,000.

William C. and Jennifer A. Resick to Joseph D. and Catherine O. Richards, property in Frankstown Township, $330,750.

JC345PA LLC to Gregory E. and Heidi M. Moritz, property in Blair Township, $60,000.

Polly A. Orr and Polly A. and Andrew C. Epple to Annette R. Blair, 855 37th St., Altoona, $94,900.

Earl D. and Susan Rabenstein to Christine A. O’Connor, 218 N. Pine St., Altoona, $87,000.

Saxon Asset Securities Trust to Catherine Elizabeth and Michael Richard Steuding, 6 W. Cottage St., Tyrone, $25,000.

John N. German to San Marino Property Management LLC, property in Logan Township, $830,000.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Sonia Leung, 22nd Avenue, $120,500.

Randall L. and Stefanie A. Carper to Kenneth R. Jones Jr. and Ashley Martin, Boyd Avenue, Tyrone, $85,000.

Cody F. and Jennifer A. Beach to Michael J. and Karinn L. Gartmann, 624 New St., Roaring Spring, $129,900.

Amy C. Kenawell to Garrett N. Trent, Appleview Lane, Ducnansville, $84,400.

Norma H. McPhee to Amy M. Cassidy and James M. Bickers, 303 Walnut St., Hollidaysburg, $50,000.

David W. and Karen A. Reimer to Shawn P. and Tonya J. Walker, Granada Way, Altoona, $300,000.

Todd E. Craig to Lee E. Owen, property in Antis Township, $35,000.

Trista D. and Jason B. Robertson to Martin Oil Co., 510 N. First St., Bellwood, $35,000.

Sidonia Louise Locher to Susan H. Schall, 103 Oakdale Road, Martinsburg, $84,100.

Pearl Ann Brown to Gerald E. and Linda K. Smith, property in North Woodbury Township, $770,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to John S. Givler Jr., 1322 Fourth Ave., Duncansville, $24,900.

Louis R. and Ann K. DeAngelis to Kristen N. and Matthew Shannon, 2113 Second Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Lori A. and James A. Haines to Eric H. and Rosemary Greig West, 1514 25th Ave., Altoona, $116,500.

Susan J. Mielnik to Donald R. and Rita E. Faulkner, property in Frankstown Township, $70,000.

Joseph B. and Jean E. Musselman to Ryan J. Feeny, property in Greenfield Township, $150,000.

Michael J. and April E. Galbraith to William M. and Denise S. Stayer, property in Huston Township, $340,000.

Rodney Blaine Jr. and Nicole Lynn Estep to Michael D. and Cara D. Eardley, property in Allegheny Township, $487,600.

Guy M. and Michele L. Forsythe to Ronald M. and Connie D. Khoury, 603 N. Terrace Drive, Altoona, $75,000.

Robert G. Pozgar to Joseph B. and Jean E. Musselman, Bedford Street, Claysburg, $160,000.

Thomas B. and Pamela L. Costa to Tim and Tina Barton, 1820-1822 11th Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Adam Clark, 1809 15th Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Mary A. Scott to Amy L. Thompson, property in Blair Township, $52,900.

Burchfield Limited Partnership to Linda L. Burchfield, property in Allegheny Township, $100,000.

Kathryn G. Baughman to R Kulp LP, property in North Woodbury Township, $117,000.

Sarah J. Long, Sarah Jane Irvin and Sara Jane Long to P Kulp LP, property in Tyrone Township, $1,634,703.

Robert E. and Brenda L. Orr to Douglas Jared Church, 2061-2063 Clites St., Tyrone, $112,000.

April R. Kennedy and April R. and Joseph P. Maher to Ryan D. Williams, 363 Baynton Ave., Altoona, $81,000.

Kathy J. Emerick to Nicole Estep and Rodney Estep Jr., property in Duncansville, $251,000.

Martin J. Swovick to Matthew J. Huff and Roberta H. Cooney, property in Antis Township, $218,000.

Blair Township Water and Sewer Authority to Joseph F. and Kellie DeStefano, 225 Shaffer Lane, Duncansville, $42,012.

Gerald P. and Shirley A. Shaw to Robert P. and Sharon D. Sppihimer, Grandview Avenue, Hollidaysburg, $148,000.

Mark E. Perrin to Quail Valley Properties LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $55,000.

Timothy Lee Wills to John R. Weeden, property in Antis Township, $50,000.

Lewis H. and Doris R. Brubaker to David R. and Rebecca B. Marko, Brubaker Road, Roaring Spring, $189,727.

S&A Homes Inc. to Channing H. and Courtney L. Thacker, Jessica Street, Hollidaysburg, $351,625.

Tonya L. Brown, Tonya L. Harr and Douglas E. Brown to Cathy M. and David A. Burkett, property in Greenfield Township, $17,000.

Adam P. Smith to Travis Matthew Smith, 709-711 and 715-717 12th Ave., Altoona, $27,000.

Nancy L. Stotler and Ronald F. Pruznak to Nancy L. Stotler, 601 N. 10th Ave., Altoona, $31,525.

John H. and Susan E. Bollinger to Lucas D. and Andrea K. Sipes, property in Tyrone Township, $38,392.

Kent E. and Patricia L. Fluke to M&G Realty Inc., 935 Plank Road, Duncansville, $1,600,000.

Tracy L. Wilt and Gerald F. Wyland Jr. to Barry E. and Amanda D. Noll, 311 Second Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Vicky Lynn Martz to Vicky Lynn Lowman to Jimmy Fornari, 848 24th St., Altoona, $26,000.

Gerard D. and Ronda L. Rimbeck to Dominic A. Mattiello, 920 Second Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Ryan T. Hostler to J-Tah Homes Limited Liability Co., property in Altoona, $36,000.

Brian D. Hall, Jennifer B. Habel and Jennifer B. Habel Hall to JLC Holdings LLC, property in Frankstown Township, $28,000.

Garrett W. and Anna Luisa Hoover to Sean P. Hampton, 3002 Union Ave., Altoona, $319,000.

Constance Hilling to White Deer Run LLC, property in Woodbury Township, $40,000.

Freedom Property Holdings LLC to John Scott Jr. and Lisa M. McNichol, Freedom Township, $25,000.

David E. Jr. and Rhonda K. Burchfield to Burchfield Limited Partnership, property in Greenfield Township, $27,660.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Steven E. and Deborah L. Pheasant, 608-610 Grant Ave., Altoona, $43,100.

Andrea Garcia to Rosa Lee Smith, 1815-1817 10th St., Altoona, $28,000.

Warren E. Thomas to Steven J. and Lisa M. Bellows, 12 E. 12th St., Tyrone, $14,000.

Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust to Delaney Group LLC, 713 Bloomfield St., Roaring Spring, $31,350.

Gurmeet K. Kalra and Manbir S. Bawa to Jannifer A. Cutshall, 109 Houndstooth Way, Hollidaysburg, $202,500.

Burchfield Limited Partnership to Erich E. Stoehr, 5716 Westley Ave., Altoona, $68,000.

Gary Del Coy to Raymond C. II and Mary Joe Maher, property in Freedom Township, $21,000.

Andrew David and Shana L. Woomer to Bradley J. Hunter Jr., Lincoln Avenue, Tyrone, $87,000.

Bedford County

Edith P. Shepherd to David W. and Christy L. Dively, property in Bedford Borough, $110,000.

Charles J. Coon to Robin L. and Carma L. Young, property in East Providence Township, $300,000.

Carol and Larry E. Kepple to Daylan W. G. and John L. Hinish, property in East Providence Township, $27,500.

Jane Ann and John F. Wambaugh Jr. to Jane Ann and John F. Wambaugh III and Ann Pitruzzello, property in Juniata Township, $100,000.

Jennifer R. Healey to Joseph and Mary Corden, property in Bedford Township, $23,000.

Merle Abe Barton to Ernest E. Jr. and Sabrina L. Snyder, property in Broad Top Township, $65,000.

John Eugene Shoemaker to Drew Konnecke, property in Colerain Township, $529,000.

Jack D. Wingard to Todd D. and Ann M. Moyer, and Thomas D. and Katie A. Hendrickson, property in West Providence Township, $45,000.

James J. and Suzanne Gauthier and Charles Jr. and Dale Ann Fletcher to Tarek A. and Regina M. McCarthy, property in Kimmel Township, $15,000.

Clearfield County

Allen L. and Susan G. Duttry to John P. Hadvabne, property in Curwensville Borough, $69,600.

Janice L. Mason and Samuel R., Deborah S., Mildred L. and Patricia A. Womer to Penn Cooper Properties LLC, property in Cooper Township, $136,900.

Myrna Kline to Sean M.Gulish and Brianna M. Brown, property in Woodward Township, $43,000.

Roy R. and Betty L. Ralston to Jeffery A. and Tammy L. Neidrick, property in Decatur, $67,000.

CNB Bank to Michael W. Jr. and Crystal L. Owens, property in Chester Hill Borough, $15,000.

Pearl V. and Clair E. Merritt to Ryan and Robin Weigle, property in Covington Township, $225,000.

George W. and Teresa Murray to James D. Nelson, property in DuBois, $115,000.

Michael S. Sr. and Rhonda K. Ogden to Philip J. Bruner and Alissa C. Best, property in Lawrence Township, $148,000.

Jo Lee R. and William Knolla to Zachary W. and Kristen N. Buehrer, property in Sandy Township, $95,000.

James K. Jr and Theresa G. Fugate to Steven B. and Savanna L Williams, property in Sandy Township, $272,000.

Abby Peangatelli to to Matthew C. Bonsell and Amanda K. Fischer, property in Ramey, $105,000.

Clearfield Area School District to Timothy M. Ryan, property in Lawrence Township, $55,005.

Raymond, Raymond B.. Patricia and John C. Kitchen to Gideon J. and Clara D. Lee, property in Burnside Township, $220,000.

Mary A. Lee Estate and Lori J.Cerato to Alan R. and Roger L. Larson and Far Hills LLC, property in Karthaus Township, $455,000.

Jonathan B. and Cydnee Deemer to Chad W. Stem and Alexandra P. Storch, property in Woodward Township, $185,000.

Ronald L. and Edie C. Fox to Larry K. and Susan M. Moore, property in Sandy Township, $286,000.

Joshua M. and Dana A. Potter to Steven R. and Jackie L. Dixon, property in Decatur, $140,000.

Charles F. and Mary Zitzelberger to Milton J. Owens, property in Lawrence Township, $64,000.

Huntingdon County

Bradley M. and Angelina M. Booher to John E. Sr. and Lisa A. Clark, property in Porter Township, $180,000.

Michael A. and Beth J. Blanchfield and Francis J. III and Susan L. Janton to Michael P. and Ieva Grimm, property in Lincoln Township, $309,900.

Christopher E. and Karen L. Carney to Christopher C. and Carey B. Shires, property in Juniata Township, $255,000.

Jennifer M. Kowalchik to Christian T. Ruhlman, property in Todd Township, $150,000.

Daniel and Susan Sebolt to Sheri L. Fullerton, property in Brady Township, $10,000.

H-Squared Ventures LLC to Jeffrey M. and Paula J. Townsley, property in Juniata Township, $32,960.

Linda L. Edgin to Tina M. Randolph, property in Shirley Township, $38,000.

Matthew R. and Sarah B. Franks to Zachary R. Trimer and Stephanie A. Norris, property in Porter Township, $130,000.

Brandon M. and Loranda A. Shope to Douglas D. and Tiffany N. Beard, property in Saltillo Borough, $88,000.

Howard M. Howett to Arthur S. Jr. and Angelia M. Baker, property in Dublin Township, $120,000.

Richard E. and Mary Beth Baker to Hopewell Bend LLC, property in Hopewell Township, $450,000.

Susan M. Peters Estate to Robert H. Eby, property in Cass Township, $37,000.

USA Bank N A, Bank of America N A, Lasalle Bank N A, GSAMP Trust 2006-HE5 and Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-HE5 to Randall Chilcote, property in Mount Union, $25,100.

Nicole M. McClure to Hamilton L. and Tara A. Thompson, property in Huntingdon, $230,000.

Nathan E. and Amanda N. Norris to Richard C. and Amber R. Hammond, property in Huntingdon, $64,500.

Scott L. Lucchesi to Deus Vult LLC, property in Lincoln Township, $169,000.