Blair County

Betty L. Everhart to Bruce S. and Jeffery G. Everhart, 426 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Duncansville Realty LLC to Charles A. Bickel, property in Duncansville, $529,150.

Earl C. Fern to Lucas D. Rhoades, 607 W. 16th St., Tyrone, $105,000.

Patricia L. Garman, Patricia L. and Norman Craig Scott, Penny L. and Mark Rago, Alice M. Isenberg and Alice M. Hancock to Daniel T. III and Stephanie M. Mort, 223 58th St., $109,900.

Altoona-Johnstown Diocese of Charitable Trust to Garvey Manor Nursing Home, 1037 S. Logan Blvd., Hollidaysburg, $2,740,000.

Richard A. Floyd to Daniel Thomas Carini, 4116-4130 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $116,000.

Christopher J. and Shelly M. Reighard to Brad M. and Dana M. Kordwitz, property in Altoona, $10,000.

Helen Cabo Alcantara to Andrew and Jennifer Harkins, 1810 20th Ave., Altoona, $12,500.

Francois Wheeseman and Lin Zhang to Harry E. Jr. and Lisa A. Witherite, property in Tyrone, $57,500.

Stephen P. Kutruff to Earl W. Kelley, 308 Walton Ave., Altoona, $118,900.

White Tail Trust to Chad D. and Kirsten S. Arnold, Bedford Street, Claysburg, $115,000.

Ryan A. Forlina to Charles T. Jr. and Amber R. Hefferan, 1206 21st Ave., Altoona, $100,000.

Thomas S. III and Sadie M. Gearhart to James S. Bridges, property in Hollidaysburg, $60,000.

James R. and Mary E. Paul to Sinking Valley Enterprises LLC, Hickory Street, Tyrone, $144,000.

Chris A. and Cheryl L. Bowers to Michael E. and Jamie L. Richardson, 609 New St., Roaring Spring, $92,500.

Marjorie Shollenberger Wahl and Lee Ann and James W. Shollenberger to Mark A. and Bobbie Jo Savino, property in Tyrone, $20,000.

Lisa L. Becker to Vincent W. Jr. and Fredda K. Heaton, property in Blair Township, $135,000.

Milton M., Holly A., Michael B. and Edith M. Hileman to Kimberly D. Blocher, 400 Tennyson Ave., Altoona, $80,000.

Roaring Spring Mennonite Church to Thomas A. Hershberger, Poplar Street, Roaring Spring, $64,000.

Frances M. Nearhoof to Paul W. and Donna L. Glunt, 2201 Adams Ave., Tyrone, $80,300.

Eric J. and Diane L. Holtz to Jason A. Crain, 301-303 Poe Place, Altoona, $90,000.

John D. and Bonnie Wilt Bartley to Janice A. Calvin, 512-514 E. Southey Ave., Altoona ,$95,000.

Doris J. Bush to Michael D. and Sherry A. Keagy, 528 Cherry St., Roaring Spring, $40,000.

Suzanne Seasoltz to JLC Holdings LLC, 2 Oak St., Hollidaysburg, $100,000.

Jack W. and Ann L. Zerby to Jason Vizanko, Circle Drive, Hollidaysburg, $219,900.

JLC Holdings LLC to Jack W. and Ann L. Zerby, 2 Oak St., Hollidaysburg, $255,000.

Darlene F. McCaulley to North Side Investments LLC, property in Antis Township, $25,000.

Matthew S. and Amber D. Phillips to Bradley W. Swindell and Vanessa A. Lohr, 122 Clark St., Hollidaysburg, $116,000.

Tara Papp and Tara and Andrew Miller to Bernadette R. Finochio, 511 51st St., Altoona, $130,000.

Matthew W. Burns to Chelsi A. Tedeschi, 3937 Maple Ave., Altoona, $120,000.

Patricia J. Brown to Clay A. Gingrich, 311 Newry St., Hollidaysburg, $100,000.

Jonathan L. and Sherry L. Peck to Peter J. and Dorinda A. Folen, property in Altoona, $229,500.

Paul A. and Paulette Kruise to Patrick L. and Aimee L. Burns, 203 Maple Ave., Altoona, $51,000.

Carol B. Logan and Carol B. O’Leary to Stephen D. and Patti A. Bickley, Allison Way, Hollidaysburg, $627,500.

Spirit SPE Portfolio to 84 Properties LLC, Sixth Avenue, Altoona, $698,531.

Robert H. and Tammy J. Rhodes to Wayne A. and Brenda L. Killinger, property in Altoona, $215,000.

Jeffrey K. Detwiler, Angela J. Greaser and Angela J. Detwiler to Kaleb J. McCall, property in Williamsburg, $84,000.

Roy Joseph Skelley to Rice Rentals LLC, 601, 603 and 605 Walton Ave., Altoona, $43,000.

Jessica Shultz and Jessica Ellis to Harry Edgar Evans Jr., 218 Spring St., Williamsburg, $55,120.

Jack D. and Shirley D. Kinard to Andrew H. and Sarah J. Johnson, 1326-1330 Jefferson Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

James V. Mascitelli to Harris Realty LLC, 115 S. Ninth St., Altoona, $42,000.

Randal S. and Dawn M. Rickeard to Guirguis and Suzan Rayes, 140 Mountain Ave., Hollidaysburg, $121,000.

George Dullinger to Danielle Rose Fowler Farr and Terry L. Farr, 808 Bell Ave., Altoona, $17,500.

M&D Rosenberry LLC to Joseph W. and Robin L. Merritt, 1922 19th St., Altoona, $43,000.

Anna F. Prosperi to Frederick J. Martynuska, 1929 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $100,000.

Anna F. Prospperi to Frederick J. Martynuska, 1927 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $16,000.

Delcia Jean Lutchko, Denise Ann DelCarlis and David Michael Peckowych to Denise L. Bumgarner, property in Antis Township, $138,500.

Christopher J. and Shelly M. Reighard to Jenny Y. and Chun Yi Guo, property in Altoona, $371,500.

Linda L. Saleme to Robert D. Fedesco, property in Antis Township, $65,000.

Wayne A. and Brenda L. Killinger to Dawn Cunningham, 21st Avenue, Altoona, $82,500.

Ventures Trust 2013 1-H-R to Gina Dunklebarger, 303 W. 21st St., Tyrone, $29,222.

Betty M. Putt to Barbara J. and Donald T. Beyer, property in Freedom Township, $22,000.

Pamuva Inc. to Radhaswami Investments LLC, property in Blair Township, $1,370,000.

Mary E. Wilt to Brannock & Shaw Properties LLC, 518 22nd Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

David J. and Agnes L. Kirsch to Matthew S. Hileman, property in Altoona, $86,000.

Joseph M. Hasson to Gage and Megan Padula, Spruce Avenue, Altoona, $55,000.

William A. Flaig to Tommy W. and Suzanne E. Haas, property in Woodbury Township, $50,000.

John Scott Jr. and Lisa McNichol to Peter J. Jessic, 704 E. Eighth St., Altoona, $35,000.

Andrew J. Robley to David A. and Meg S. Leonard, 225 Calder St., Altoona, $82,900.

Aaron C. and Danielle L. Leighty to Dennis and Michelle K. Noel, Henrietta Road, Martinsburg, $247,500.

Debra A. Arnsparger, Debra Ann Frick and John J. and Jack Arnsparger to D. Michlle Kelley, property in Altoona, $236,000.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Douglas A. Madden, 1516 19th St., Altoona, $24,000.

Shannon Renee Davis to Carl Max Jr. and Debra Jean Lechner, property in Antis Township, $15,000.

Kelly A. Parnell to Kyle R. and Brittany V. Brewer, 707 Holliday Hills Drive, Hollidaysburg, $176,000.

Trustee By Attorney in Fact to 1Time4U Properties LLC and Spartan Realty Group LLC, 2743 Grandview Road, Tyrone, $43,144.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to AWE Investments LLC, 928 Patrick Lane, Newry, $41,500.

Jamie D. Fleming, Carol A. Brumbaugh and Carol A. Fleming to Desiree L. Hetrick, 619 S. Terrace Drive, Altoona, $81,000.

Theresa A. Fubio and Theresa A. Shontz to Michael P. and Kristen McGrogan, Oak Crescent Road, Altoona, $125,000.

Anna Mary Hutchison to Wenndell K. and Amy K. Snow, property in Duncansville, $158,500.

Timothy G. and Karen K. Wilson to Paul R. and Tracy L. Spigelmyer, property in Frankstown Township, $29,000.

Thomas V. and Brenda L. Orr to Timothy Chipperfield, 2101 18th St., Altoona, $45,000.

Bedford County

Danny L. Debbie K. and Alan M. Ross to Erica D. Hoover, property in Saxton, $63,600.

Michael W. Mardorff, Nancy M. Sivits, Carolyn M. Lynch, Kathryn M. Avery, Elizabeth M. Confer, Elizabeth M. Snider, Marianne M Heidorn and Marianne M. Rogers to Vicky Defibaugh, property in Bedford Township, $85,100.

Eva M. Hoover to Dewayne and Deborah Border, property in Snake Spring Township, $162,500.

Dennis J. and Bonnie L. Perrin to Jennifer L. Kalfas, property Broad Top, $58,900.

Allen D. and Chery L. Swartz to NRZ REO VI – B LLC, property in Everett, $72,900.

Colleen K. Hollis to Jesse R. Myers, property in Bedford Borough, $127,000.

Wendy E. Romeo to Darren C. and Heather L. Cassidy, property in Bedford Township, $285,000.

Randy R. and Connie L. Baughman to Wyatt M. Pennabaker, property in Everett, $76,000.

Smith Revocable Trust to Todd F. Cushion, property in West St. Clair Township, $136,500.

Frank and Tina Donaldson to Alea and James T. Jr. Jones, property in Hopewell Township, $97,500.

Clearfield County

Renee Leigh Tang to Alexis R. Donahue, property in Clearfield, $60,000.

Michael B. Sr. and Michele L. Reams to Christopher R. Vancas, property in Brisbin Borough, $175,000.

Mark Isaac and Lorraine S. Gearhart to Henry J. and Amanda A. Lee, property in Brady Township, $404,000.

Shawn M. and Debra D. Skobel to Heather A. and Matthew Davis, property in Ramey, $234,750.

Thomas J. Way to Jorge L. Carrasquillo and Raquel M. Ulloa, property in Osceola Mills, $52,000.

Alan L. Hill to Steven A. Gertz and Steven A. Gertz Living Trust, property in DuBois, $20,000.

Orner Farms Inc. to GPS Group LLC, property in Union Township, $89,427.

Orner Farms Inc to DuBois City, property in Union Township, $34,398.

Elizabeth L. Swanson to Jeremy S. Charles, property in Sandy Township, $131,500.

Thomas R. and Marjorie A. Lanager to Timothy J. and Melissa D. Fannin, property in Lawrence Township, $75,000.

Scott E. Kucharcik to James R. Fink, property in Sandy Township, $39,500.

Barbara L. Rawlings to Rodney A. and Susan A. Horner, property in Sandy Township, $175,000.

Patti L. and Mark J. Reifer to Rodney A.and Michelle L. McBride, property in Clearfield, $92,000.

Steven L. and Lois H. Walk to Robert L. Matchock Jr., property in Ramey, $360,000.

Shannon Lathrop and Bruce D. Kuntz Estate to Gerald Royer, property in Sandy Township, $55,000.

David Paul Smigh and Cindy Estaline Sergeon to John E. Smith and Kristin M. Moore, property in Osceola Mills, $66,000.

Huntingdon County

Richard E. Deihl to Anna Lisa Glenn and William Creston Green Jr., property in Logan Township, $52,000.

John J. and Linda M. Kylor to Shawn A. and Megan Bookhamer, property In Smithfield Township, $269,000.

Robert Dale Rickabaugh Estate to Charlene F. McNemar and Ralph J. Lower, property in Todd Township, $149,900.

John A., Kara M, Steven L. and Alison A. Garman to Dustin J. and Lindsey N. Strauss, property in Penn Township, $150,000.

Ehren L. Borst, Ehren L. Longwell, Ehren L. Karr and Justin L. Borst to Roger K. Emes and Anthony M. Bailey, property in Alexandria, $127,000.

Tri-H Associates partnership to Blue Sky Realty LLC, property in Warriors Mark, $275,000.

Louis Paul and Louis P. Sottile Estate to Harold W. III, Donna L., W. David and Margaret Hildebrand, property in Spruce Creek, $450,000.

William R. Gearhart to Taylor N. Thompson, property in Huntingdon, $81,000.

Carl W. and Sally A. Drenning Estate to Randy A. and Angela R. Watkins, property in Clay Township, $65,000.

Tim A. Boring to Danial L. Wilson, property in Cromwell Township, $130,000.

Jay Ziegler to Kenneth A. and Mary Ann Bittner, property in Union Township, $180,000.

Joann D. Walker to Cipar and Stewart LP, property in Oneida Township, $15,000.

Stephen R. and Barbara A. Diehl to Randy L. and Samantha N. Witherite, property in Warriors Mark, $152,500.